Another lovely day of rest

Chilling out at home but having gotten up late then heading off to my mum’s for dinner then lack back home I decided to hold off from creating a podcast least my podcast comes off sounding like a rambling mess due to my body being ok but my brain wanting to go to sleep or doing something less strenuous. Had a nice dinner; chicken Alfredo with garlic, onions and mushrooms then I served it up with some pepper and cajun seasoning sprinkled on top – the cajun seasoning really kicked it up a notch with the combination of cajun seasoning and the creaminess of the Alfredo sauce.

I’m watching the MASH episodes online again to fill in some time but on a good side I’ve just finished watching 12 Monkey’s with the next season being the last season which will wrap everything up – the last couple of episodes of this season was a bit of a head turner as it turned upside down many of the assumptions that one had originally about who the witness actually was in the end. House of Cards is said to be returning 30 May 2017 with The Strain having its final season being season 4 and will return 16 July 2017 then combine that with the great shows on already, why waste time going out to movies with a hastily constructed story that tries to fit into 1 1/2 to 2 hours and leaves the audience wondering what happened to all the loose ends left over.

On a good side I’m excited about the coming WWDC 2017 that’ll get started on 5 June and go through to 9 June with the announcement of the next version of macOS which will transition the operating system from HFS+ to APFS thus retiring the last unaddressed legacy component of macOS that has hagged onto its dear life all these past years. I’m looking forward to seeing more work being done under the hood – call me old fashioned but I’d sooner this release be an under the hood improvement because feature wise I’m already pretty happy then combined that with sorting out their iCloud service wit maybe some more free space then it sounds like a good match up going forward. As much as the media love coming along to her about the ‘300 new features’ that are coming to macOS or iOS, I would sooner the focus be on under the hood changes such as optimisations, bug fixes and taking advantage of the hardware I already have through compiler improvements or moving more of the UI over to utilising Metal/Metal Kit.

Sore stomach and delays

I had a horribly sore stomach so I ended up having next to no sleep last night until maybe around midday when my stomach got tot he point that it was no longer sore when laying down (it was still sore but not as sore as earlier in the day). I’ll be heading off to sleep in the next couple of minutes but tomorrow I’ll try to get the podcast out and establish a more regular schedule for the podcast although on occasions I might do two podcasts at a time; one for politics and the second one for technology, as to avoid wading through listening to things that one might not be interested in.

Damn it’s cold…freeze the balls of a brass monkey

Damn last night was cold – got down to 4 degrees celsius again and I had to crank up the heater just to avoid freezing in my bedroom but I’m hoping that winter isn’t going to be too hard going like last year when it got down to the point that there was some light snow one day. This time around I’m making sure I don’t repeat the same mistakes as last year which was to leave my heater on when I got to work or worse having the heater on when in reality I didn’t actually need it switched on with the net result is higher power bills than they needed to be.

After must frustration with the first day of BUILD 2017 it is great to see that Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about it’s user base and specifically the announcements regarding big names coming to the Windows Store such as iTunes, Spotify, Microsoft Office, and numerous others which will hopefully herald the way for. There is also the .appx format which is getting setup as a replacement for .msi so even if organisations don’t qualify for the store there is at least a move away from what exists today to one where applications are kept seperate from the operating system to avoid the clusterfuck disaster of DLL hell and other nastiness. This is where I come to warn Apple because in the past they could always bank on the irritating nature of Windows to keep people in the Apple fold but now that Microsoft has addressed that issue and adoption is growing strong there will be one less thing holding people on the platform – remember, those who use Mac’s tend to also evangelise for the Apple ecosystem so it would be foolish for Apple to believe that a few people leaving won’t have consequences for their larger businesses such as the iPhone and iPad.

A good week…things will hopefully get better

Things have quietened down with Apple over the last few weeks with the release of the 5th public beta for tvOS 10.2.1 but further public betas of macOS 10.12.4 and iOS 10.3.2 haven’t come yet which makes me wonder whether Apple is going to be releasing it within the next week or two. There are rumours that there will be a refresh with the Mac line up very soon so it’ll be interesting to see what happens especially with the launch of Kaby Lake CPU’s but personally I’m more excited about Cannon Lake which will be a die shrink to 10nm or even Ice Lake which has the rumoured new architecture ( link ) that’ll be delivered in 2019 which is when Ice Lake will be released and rumoured to having a new architecture which would then be followed by an optimisation. The rumour has it that with the new architecture that legacy parts of the ISA will be removed which date back 40+ years in favour of having 32bit ‘compatibility’ provided when in ‘long mode’ (the mode the CPU is referred to when the underlying operating system is running in 64bit mode).

It’ll be interesting to see what happens at the Microsoft Build conference from 10-12 May 2017 which has a lot of speculation about what will be announced – maybe some big announcements relating to Project Centennial and big software vendors getting onboard in the wake of the Windows 10 S announcement. It was interesting to note that Microsoft’s Alex Kipman opined that the smartphone was ‘dead’ and that ‘people haven’t realised it yet’ so does that mark a future direction of the mythical Surface Phone or is it sour grapes by Microsoft for failing to ever get their phone operating system off the ground? Maybe we’ll see hints at Build but that kind opinion held by Alex Kipman is at odds with what Microsoft’s other departments are concluding and that is to not fight the inevitable and jump on the Android train by reselling Samsung Galaxy 8 and 8+ devices with Microsoft software pre-loaded to get customers pointed to Microsoft’s own services instead of trying to do the impossible of getting people to give Windows 10 Mobile a chance. Tomorrow I’ll be working on the second episode of my podcast where I’ll focus on 5 subjects but I’ll try to keep it below 30 minutes for the sake of the listeners sanity but on a good side it has allowed me to collate some interesting titbits. 

Over the next 10 day it looks like the coldest it’ll get will be 7 degrees celsius although that is based on Wellington temperatures where as living out in the Hutt Valley the temperature can be around 2-3 degrees colder in many cases. Tonight hasn’t been too bad – it is around 16 degrees celsius so I didn’t need to put on the heater to keep warm which helps the old bank account. I’m having a look through the part time job section so hopefully with some extra hours – Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday then more available during the university holidays I can moderate out the earning cycle. Although it isn’t the most ideal solution and I’d prefer a more stable full time job, it is better than the current situation particularly when one considers that the university closes down for over a month and during that time I need employment to allow me to keep paying the bills.

Shaving goodies arrived review…plus the day in review

It arrived in the morning so I quickly signed for it but head back to sleep (hey, it’s my day off and I like to sleep in – one of life’s little pleasures) but I later woke up and had a look. The brush and shaver holder looks really nice in the bathroom but the biggest improvement was the new shaving soap that has lanolin as its basis which doesn’t dry out my skin when using which makes the shaving experience a lot more enjoyable and I don’t need to worry about using an after shave balm to restore the moisture. It came in a nice ceramic container and the refills are available online at a reasonable price so it avoids having to deal with waste once I’ve finished using the product.

I’ve been holding off from turning on my heater but damn it started to get really cold in the Hutt Valley with tonight getting down to 4-5°C and even getting rid of the moisture out of the air with the dehumidifier but even then the house was too cold so I had to put on the heater. Tomorrow feel that what I need is a good traditional roast lamb dinner with kumera and pumpkin along with some mint sauce – something to keep me warm with the weather getting colder at night.

Chilly outside but ok inside

One of the first things I remember doing when moving into the place I am now as to check the insulation – no use throwing good money after bad if the net result is a cold house because the heat is escaping to heat half the neighbourhood. I’ve got the dehumidifier going and to he honest the amount of electricity used is actually fairly small with the benefit of having a dryer house being a warmer house plus I dry my clothes inside so it avoids a build up of moisture in the air which leads to that yucky damp smell. Hopefully I can hold off from having to turn on the heater until maybe the first of July at the earliest because god knows I can’t afford to have high electricity bills at the moment although I might be able to get some assistance where possible.

Something interesting I came across is Samsung selling directly to the public so if you want to bypass having to sign up for an interest free deal with an open plan or a plan with a phone, you can order ( link ) and get it delivered by 28 April. I’ve had a look into it and I’d be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t tempted but I’d sooner hold off and sleep on it. The other part of the equation will be setting up a new domain name that I’ll use strictly for email that will be detached from my WordPress webite. Once I have set up my new domain setup I’ll then set up Google Apps and for the aliases I am currently using I’ll use the aliases/mail redirect facility in WordPress. To recreate the same experience it’ll involve moving over to Chrome and buying a copy of HandsFree 2.6.1 so I can send SMS messages and answer the phone from my Mac. The big question after all that is whether I want to go through all that drama or whether I’m too lazy and at this stage although I’m sucked in by the new I am also rather lazy and can’t be bothered going through the drama to get there.

I’ve given the new WordPress 2.3 application a try and it is still a horrible train wreck – when I try to right click on words to bring up the spellcheck (after enabling it and then quitting/relaunching the application, the whole application freezes and I’m forced to force quit the application) not to mention how hugely inefficient it is when compared to a native solution like MarsEdit that can operate offline. Something I love about native applications is the fact that one isn’t dealing with the fickle nature of a Internet connection not to mention ‘web based technologies’ that start to become increasingly inefficient as the application becomes more complex – the WordPress application and Visual Studio for Mac being two examples of that general rule of thumb in action.