A damn good whinge and moan about life

I’ve been watching a few documentary ( link ) and it makes me wonder about my current situation with the balance between wanting material gains vs. living the ‘good life’ by being satisfied with a few essential items and being satisfied with where I am. Unfortunately as a civilisation we’re now stuck in a cycle that predicated on the idea of ever expanding demand to keep the economy growing to keep people employed so even if people on mass wanted to walk away from the system the disruption would be so great that it would end up collapsing – what then would it be replaced with?

I’ve been having a look Skinny’s fixed wireless broadband which is $52 per month for 100GB which will save me $28 per month but as we speak they don’t have the 700MHz LTE sorted out in my area but I’ve been advised that it’ll hopefully be done by the end of this month. Although the amount saved isn’t a lot it is $28 that I’d sooner spend on something more productive.

Watched yet another video of someone whining that an Apple Mac laptop is actually a laptop rather than a mobile workstation – shock fucking horror, a laptop that is designed for portability doesn’t have the level of expansion that a desktop or workstation has! In other news, water is wet and grass is green. I sometimes wonder whether these videos are actually by actual people because the level of bitching and whining sound more akin to a salty competitor grasping at straws or a jealous PC user who is hell bent on trying to justify their own purchase by appealing to an audience to further bolster their position.

In typical Reddit fashion, someone posts a meme ( link ):


Then followed by the resident idiot who posts in response to the person who posted the meme that “so you’re saying that only rich people can have children? You’re conducting eugenics against poor people!”. When people jump to such idiotic conclusions you know that the education system is failing to teach people how to think rationally and logically, when the emotions are in the drivers seat rather than their rational faculties.

Weekend begins, television is horrible, binge watching Netflix

Damn it is cold and according to the news item I read a few days ago the situation isn’t going to made much better in the coming weeks because apparently it’ll be getting colder. One saving grace is that the former owner of the place I’m in did a really got job at installing insulation in the ceiling, walls and floor so as long as I close off the kitchen over night (4 big glass windows and no curtains not to mention a glass door) the place keeps fairly warm. I’m not a fan of having a house so warm that I can walk around in my underpants but I do like to at least have it warn enough that I can sit in my pants, a short sleeve shirt and a pair of socks on fairly comfortably. Long term the ideal situation is getting some double glazing put into the toilet/bathroom which will help hold the heat in because curtains are not viable (condensation and mould being a concern) so with that improvement the house will be kept a lot warmer – yeah, I could close off the toilet at night but imagine having a call of nature at night and an uncomfortable cold experience it would be.

The quality of television is really gone off the cliff with he usual sources of entertainment run dry so apartment from Darkness and Orphan Black it appears that when the US goes into ‘summer mode’ the rest of the world suffers with substandard shitty television – first world problem I guess. I’m gradually working through the series “13 Reasons Why” and it is turning into a pretty good series so hopefully once that is out of the way I can have a look at Narcos on Netflix and see else there is to entertain myself over the holidays.

Been following the improvements that are coming through on iOS, tvOS and macOS but what I am hoping for is eventually SkyTV start offering an app for the tvOS platform because that would be the ultimate killer if they started to offer all their channels online rather than depending on a satellite so then it is possible to watch it on any device as long as it has the application or a web browser that supports HTML5 video tag, encryption extension for media plus HEVC support.  The other tit bit that I came across via the ‘Accidental Tech Podcast’ ( link ) and Hetzel ( link ) was the inclusion of Opus in CAF container support on iOS, macOS and tvOS which makes of interesting reading whether we’ll eventually see iTunes re-written so that it can take advantage of the modern frameworks which would expose support for Opus/CAF along side AAC? Maybe the long term play as part of providing support for WebRTC? If so, where does VP8/VP9/AV1 fit into it going forward or it a matter of VP8/VP9 being inferior to h264 or HEVC and AV1 is too immature and the hardware support isn’t there to make playback and encoding power efficient by taking advantage of the GPU.

Still looking for a new full time job but the biggest problem I find is that when I do apply for a full time job that the job actually turns out to be a job that only guarantees 8 hours per week so effectively there are businesses passing off part time jobs as full time so I’m having to think of alternatives. One of the alternatives is to get a part time job to coast me over the holidays (down time) to make ends meet which isn’t an ideal situation or the alternative being that I have a chat to my boss about seeing whether there are hours in other sites that the company operates at to bridge that gap especially over the end of the year/Christmas period. For me, I enjoy what I am doing and I’d be more than happy if I could get more stable hours so that I had employment 52 weeks per year without the down time.

Some new beta builds for iOS 10.3.3, macOS 10.12.6 and tvOS 10.2.2 were released this week which will make for interesting speculation as to when it will be released but that being said there is still a regression relating to Time Machine and Grand Central Dispatch ( link ) which hasn’t been addressed. With the long lead time between when it first appeared (it might have existed before then) it makes me wonder whether it hasn’t be corrected because some sort of underlying architectural issue but there has been no word yet whether the issue appears with macOS 10.13 ‘High Sierra’. It’ll be interesting to see what happens going forward with APFS, Time. Machine, and the other parts of the operating system given how closely related the design of many of these components are to HFS+ limitations. When looking at how those various components worked around the HFS+ limitations one is therefore asked how much of a difference APFS will make to the smooth operation of macOS going forward – Time Machine no longer having to use a jerry-rigged solution but instead use the ‘baked in’ snapshot functionality of the filesystem. The other interesting part of APFS is the fact that it is designed from the ground up so that features can be added without breaking compatibility so although it doesn’t have all the features that many power users wanted one has to remember that those most requested features can be added at a later date, everything isn’t set in stone. The future is looking bright and as long as you’re not blinded by the doom and gloom merchants over at MacBreak Weekly then you too can see that the Mac platform is alive and well even without the gimmicky features like ‘touch screens’ that get demanded by a few noise makers in the peanut gallery.

Feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck

When I went to the doctors on Monday and oh god I felt like death warmed over; I was coughing up phlegm, light headed, running a temperature – basically feeling 50 shades of horrible. I got some antibiotics and they seem to have dealt with the worst aspects of it but I still have a dry cough which I’m taking some Formula 44 for but I’ve sent an email to my local medical centre as to whether it is something I should do a follow up consultation along with a prescription refill or whether it is something that should be just ‘soldiered through’ and allow nature take its course. Right now the temperature is 8 degrees celsius although in reality it feels a whole lot colder primarily because we’re in a valley meaning the cold air lingers around for a lot longer so I’ve got the heater going to keep me warm.

On a good side I’ve put out some job applications and fine tuned my cover letter given that the one I was using before appeared as ‘too generic’ and if read by someone it really didn’t give the reader the impression that I was sincerely interested in a job given how cookie cutter it actually was in nature. Hopefully over the next few months I’ll get some replies and opportunities to be interviewed because although I enjoy the job I have the problem is the fact that it is seasonal work with long stand down periods where as I’d prefer to have something that has more stable hours so then it is easier to budget and plan for.

Go on holiday….comeback sick

Unfortunately I went on holiday to my brothers wedding them come back sick – sore throat, sniffy nose and feeling dehydrated so I’m resting at home, drinking lots of water, and keeping warm. I was going to create a podcast regarding the details surrounding WWDC 2017 but every time I started to talk I would end up with a build up of phlegm in my throat and the whole experience wasn’t exactly all that enjoyable. That being said I might write up an article talking about the WWDC 2017 and repudiating some of the critiques that were made which quite frankly don’t hold water. Anyway, off to bed I go and to have a good night sleep so I can recover ready for work when I’m better.

Back from the wedding

Arrived back from the wedding and my brother seems to have enjoyed himself with the new life that is ahead of him – no word yet on whether they want to have kids. Enjoyed the wonderful food and a great new Riesling that was very sweet – almost like a Moscato:

IMG 0005

All vegetarian food and a tonne of naan bread makes the meal perfect. Then for desert there was Gulab Jamun with ice cream plus a piece of wedding cake – I was so full I could barely move and putting on the safety belt in the car was a mission and a half lol.

WWDC 2017 is almost here!

I’m pretty damn excited; a ‘House of Cards’ marathon tonight, birthday party tomorrow, my tax return coming through which will get my overdraft sorted out, then WWDC with the keynote and then state of the union presentation in the afternoon where there is a deep dive into some of the more technical changes that will be coming soon to macOS, iOS and tvOS, then on Thursday I have a job interview then to round off the week I’m attending my brothers wedding. Regarding a podcast, I’m going to write one up after I’ve seen the Keynote and State of the Union – roll the two into one and give my feedback and avoid the boring third party demonstrations that very few people care about. The biggest thing I’m looking out for are under the hood improvements – feature wise I’m already pretty much satisfied so I’m hoping that the focus will be on refinement and getting those fundamentals nailed down along with doing something with iCloud – more storage space, more sophisticated services, better performance when uploading to the iCloud Drive etc.