A good result at the weigh in

I had modest expectations after 5 weeks – 6-8kg and I’d be as pleased as punch but I’ve lost 17kg at my latest weigh in. With the health check up all giving the thumbs up the doctor gave me another 2 months worth of Duromine which will tide me over until the beginning of January. If things keep up the way they do (which they most likely will considering that the job I have over the Christmas break is an active job) I’ll get back to the weight I was before working as a manager at a fast food place which is still more than when I came back from Australia but it’ll be a lot better than where I was just 7 years ago. Hopefully by the time I get back to the job I am at now next year I would have gotten back to being close to where I want to be so that the last few kilos is a matter of just wearing it off gradually . The final weight I’m aiming for 90-95kg which will give me a 35inch waist, a comfortable/loose XL shirt which will be great given that I have a tonne of clothes I haven’t been able to wear for ages that I will then be able to get back into again.

Lovely dinner and chilling out watching NCIS

Had a delicious dinner tonight – lamb roast with whole potatoes and minted peas but what really pushed it over the top was the Barkers Mint Sauce Balsamic; poured that all over the potatoes and mint peas then put those mint peas over the piece of lamb. On Saturday I’ve got some venison along with the Barkers plum sauce which is so damn delicious but I’m wondering whether I should do a potato bake as well but I’ll get to get a proper baking dish because the one I have now is too deep and not wide enough – something like a lasagne dish will do the job and I’ve seen them at the supermarket at a reasonable price too. I’ve ordered a meat online from Woodbury Venison which is slightly cheaper than supermarket and can be delivered to my home but the Countdown branded lamb is pretty good value and since it is only me whom I’m feeding then life is pretty simple although I am tempted to get some hoki fillets that’ll go well with the ‘Naked Foods’ which has a red thai curry that’ll go well with it although I’m tempted that during the summer I’ll opt for some salmon along with a fresh salad. I better start eating up those dori fillets I’ve got in the freezer – grab some burger buns from the supermarket along with lettuce, tomato, red onion and some aioli – might even kiwi it up a bit with some beetroot and pineapple for shits and giggles.

Regarding the world of computers, I’m creating a USB boot stick for OS X 10.11.6 for restoration in future. I’ve put it on a USB3 flash drive which is actually pretty fast compared to the cheaper generic brands which is nice when you need a quick restore and the process only takes around 15 minutes to do. Regarding the 64bit version of Office for Mac, I think I’ll wait it out until it stabilises and see how it performs on 10.12 but so far the reviews of 10.12 have been fairly positive and it appears that they haven’t made the mistake as last time and replace things that work (mDNSresponder) with something that is fresh and non-battle hardened (discoveryd) which hopefully will mean that Apple has learned its lesson hence the 3-4 year development cycle for the new file system which will hopefully translate with 10.13 having a rock solid brand new file system and hopefully Drobo will jump onboard to support it because god knows HFS+ does suck as soon as you start getting to huge volumes with huge numbers of files not to mention the performance crippling design which doesn’t take full advantage of the underlying hardware. Oh well, looking forward to the future and just a word of warning – no one one knows wha the iPhone 7 looks like so taking photos of case manufactures mean nothing because these case vendors are working off the same second hand information we’re all working on and trying to guess the next design so then they have an edge with new case designs when it is launched. Remember all the speculation regarding how the iPhone 6s would be missing something or adding something – how much of it was true? barely any of it. Just sit back, relaxing, have a beer and avoid the hype and BS.

Getting healthy and technology stuff

A new year and a new resolution to get back on track – hopefully this will work out for the best but given that I no longer have the stress of ‘out of control debt’ to deal with it should be a lot easier to get on track and stay on track. A healthy and slimmer me is only a few months away – I just need to remain focused so that eventually it is delivered.

On a good side the HG659b is going well and I had a check out of Chorus’s online website which still says “January 2015” for UFB availability which could mean that it won’t be ready until the end of January. Hopefully by the time it is installed Spark will be offering 200Mbps service in the area and Netflix won’t be too far away. Although I cancelled my account with Sky TV I am looking at getting a new UHF aerial installed along with a Freeview set top box installed which will give me access to a decent selection of Freeview channel as well as the ability to sign up to Igloo if something interesting comes on that is worth paying for. The cost of the installation along with the set top box is $425 but I’m going to wait till the end of January before going ahead.

As for Lightbox and other services I might end up just purchasing a Intel NUC device, loading Windows 8.1 on to it and use it to stream television, movies etc. The cost of the device isn’t much but it is a pain in the ass the fact that an OEM version of Windows 8.1 will cost around $160 in which case I might be just better off purchasing a Mac mini and using that instead which has all the benefits of OS X, a wireless keyboard, touch pad and controlling it all from my sofa.

Progressing forward: iPhone 6, Leather case and falling off the wagon (and getting back on again!)

So my American Express ‘Low Rate’ finally arrived and because I was able to sell off my HTC One M8 I could purchase an iPhone 6 128GB along with this gorgeous looking leather case from Pad and Quill:

Lupb 6 brn blu

The case has just shipped so hopefully if all goes well I’ll find that the phone will ship some time this week and arrive after the case has arrived – the perfect timing which will enable me to get back into the Mac ecosystem. On a good side I’ve just been reading up that Spark is going to rip out the Lucent-Alcatel 3G gear and replace it with gear from Huawei ( link ) which will mean that their mobile system will be completely standardised and will take advantage of SRAN that should allow greater flexibility and the ability to shift loads between frequencies, from 3G to 4G, to maybe even reuse spectrum in the case of Vodafone in Australia where they’ve announced that they’re going to provide 4G over 850Mhz and 2100Mhz since Spark owns both spectrum. There is no word on whether they’ll move to providing VoLTE but rumour has it with their move to use BroadSoft which also has VoLTE support which makes me wonder whether they’ll just standardise for both their fibre and mobile networks on a single VoIP/VoLTE vendor – when i comes to the mobile network what it might mean is the more efficient use of spectrum meaning they can drive down costs and bring them a competitive advantage over Vodafone and 2 Degrees by offering more minutes talking and larger data packages.

Regarding a health change – I fell off the wagon but for good reason; celebration of closing off my Westpac credit card and christened that celebration with a six pack of Issac’s apple cider. Back on track this week and hopefully my scooter will be ready to be picked up at the store.

And a new week at work begins

Lots of fun ahead, pay on Wednesday and on target to get rid of the debt on my GEM Visa which will be all sorted out by early December. When I wake up in the morning I’ll ring up Motorad to organise a servicing of my scooter for next week which include putting two new tyres on the bike along with fixing the starter (I’ve been using a kick start for the last couple of months) along with any other thing that needs fixing up. Since it is within warranty the starter thingy should be covered under warranty where as the tyres are normally around $60 each – I’ll ring them up today mainly because if they need to order in new tyres or a part then they can get it organised but I’ll need to speak to my boss incase there are delays getting the part in which will mean I’ll need to have Wednesday/Thursday off from work or at least I come in and take the train to/from work for those two days and do a mid shift of 11am to 8pm. Hopefully everything will work out well and I’ll get my scooter back on time. Long term I want to get a bigger scooter but I’m going to focus on losing weight, getting my learners motorcycle licence and paying off the loan I have with my parents (after my GEM Visa is sorted out) so then by the middle of next year I’ll have a motorcycle licence, no debt at all except my student loan. I started the ‘plan’ from May 2014 and it appears that within a year I would have reached my target – but I also need to focus on losing weight as well.

For anyone who has ever tried to lose weight the idea of ‘just eat less’ sounds like a very simple plan – akin to telling a drug addict or a smoker, “oh, just stop using it – all you need is discipline and will power!” as if the idea of dieting or any other major lifestyle change is that easy. When you’re working in the fast food industry (or what the industry prefers to known as ‘Quick Service Restaurant’) you’re surrounded by food all day so I have to admit the temptation to eat is definitely there. There is also the other problem – I’ve spent so much time focusing on getting my finances in order I have neglected my own health by simply eating what ever is within grabbing distance than really asking what the health implications are of eating such food over the long term. Denial is a pretty strong thing when your brain is elsewhere and you know what you is bad but constantly telling yourself, “once I get this sorted out I’ll focus on getting healthy” but the problem is that it is something I’ve been saying to myself for quite some time and at the age of 33 (going on 34 next year) it is something that I can’t keep putting off. Eventually 7 years of bad lifestyle will eventually catch up to me so I’d sooner get it sorted out now and put myself on the right track than find that in 6-12 months I’ve got diabetes or some heart condition that’ll throw a spanner in the works long term.

The first focus will be sorting out my diet because that is where the calories and in turn weight gain is occurring since I do enough walking around at work the problem is calorie intake. No more deep fried food at work, no sugary foods, salads and grill chicken, diet soft drink (but in moderation) and focusing on something else besides eating. I’m sure for a few weeks it’ll be like hell on earth but in the long term in 6 months time when I’ve shed a few kilos and I’m feeling a lot healthier I’ll look back at this time and say, “thank god I made that lifestyle change”. So what I’ll be doing form now on is adding a new tag called ‘Getting Healthy’ and provide updates on my progress so it will be a bit of a diary of my experience as well as a good way to give encouragement to others who are on the same journey as I am. Hopefully it’ll also act as a motivator to myself so then others can track and keep my honest as well – the reason why I put ‘Getting Healthy’ rather than ‘losing weight’ is my focus isn’t just on weight loss given that you can eat 1,800 calories of twinkies per day and lose weight through pure calorie restriction. The focus I’ve got is a complete lifestyle change that isn’t focused primarily on weight loss (although that will happen as a side effect of a lifestyle change) but making a lifestyle chain that promotes good health – not living life as a ascetic self flagellating martyr but getting some moderation back into my life so that food doesn’t become the single focal point in my life as it is now.