Feeling good two days in…

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has really grown on me even with the launch of the Pixel 2 and arrival of Nokia Android phones to New Zealand (exclusively through Spark). The Pixel 2 is a rebranded HTC U11 (HTC is now owned by Google) with the 3.5mm headjack removed which has caused some controversy on the Android subreddit. The return of Nokia to New Zealand will be interesting given that Nokia still has a lot of good will associated with the brand not to mention the fact that the Nokia Android experience is as close to vanilla as possible not to mention security updates delivered on time and Android upgrades delivered within a reasonable space of time.

Regarding Pixel 2, it is great that Google has bought out HTC and shown a seriousness regarding hardware that their Motorola purchase that they never did. Although I kind of wished I held off for the Pixel 2 to arrive in New Zealand, I have a feeling that with Nokia being delivered via Spark I doubt 2 Degrees or Vodafone are willing to team up with Google and deliver the Pixel 2 to New Zealand.

The other part of moving to Android also included moving my email to the G-Suite of applications but this time I created a new domain (which avoids having a long domain name) and also keeps it separate from websites domain name. I’ve since set it up and the email experience has been great. As noted in my previous post, I generally speaking prefer to use email clients such as the Mail application that comes with macOS but I’ve been finding myself drawn to using the web based interface instead as it isn’t plagued with the incompatibilities between Google’s mail system and the IMAP implementation that Apple tries to use (god knows why they just don’t embrace the documented REST based API that Google provides to developers which the GMail application itself makes use of).

Regarding the phone itself – I’ll be writing up a review probably this Monday or Tuesday  along with maybe the Google Wifi setup. All I can say is that Samsung has really lifted their game since the last time I used them which was way back in the old S3 days. The biggest thing I love is the fact that they killed off that god awful Kies and although it does require manual drag and drop of music it doesn’t suffer from the lag driven bugginess that Kies had – play music with iTunes but sync music using Samsung Switch which is very much like how the Windows Phone Connector for Mac used to work. I’ll leave those interesting details for the review in 4-5 days time.

Regarding the diet, with the help that my doctor has given me I have been able to curb my appetite where although I look at something and think it would be tasty, I don’t have the ravenous hunger which normally comes by the end of the day after otherwise having a great day of sticking to my diet – the ravenous hunger takes over and all I want to do is eat something because I’m so damn hungry but if I ignore the hunger then I can’t get to sleep etc. but on a good side once the initial weight loss kicks in then hopefully in three months there will be sufficient results that’ll allow me to continue down the path now that some momentum has started. I’m keeping a diary with a starting weight and I’ll get weighed each month to keep tracking of progress and with the weather improving I’m hoping to do some walking after work as a good wind down to the day.

Clearing out the old, starting afresh

I’m clearing out the old at home and starting with a fresh slate; going to sort out all the cupboards, getting a plastic storage containers to put the extra clothes I have which don’t fit in my tall boy. Everything is going great with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the Chromecast is working wonderfully, being able to cast what ever video I like from my desktop computer to my television screen. The icing on the cake being that the wifi network is super reliable with the mesh arrangement where I’m averaging 800Mbps connection in each of the rooms.

Starting a seasonal job over the christmas break which will be great and then I’ll be back doing my normal job at the end of February next year which will hopefully translate into earning more than $25,000 so I’ll be able to claim back on the independent earner tax credit (around $500 or so).

I got some help with the dieting from my local doctor – after trying to do it myself I realised that it was a process of 2 steps forward and 5 steps back so with some help I’ll get back on track again. They’ve prescribed me with an appetite suppressant and so far it is working well – my appetite has flat lined and no longer have the ravenous cravings at the end of a ‘good day’ of sticking to a diet. My doctor noted that it isn’t a permanent long term solution can take forever which I understand – it is one of those situations that once you get some momentum behind oneself that it becomes a virtuous cycle of positive outcomes re-enforce further positive outcomes with also feed into a positive state of mind (rinse and repeat).