Progressing well, hopefully get things back on track

So I separated the clothes that are sellable from the clothes that are still good but aren’t worth selling – got that up on Facebook’s marketplace and so far I’ve sold the unworn pair of Chuck Taylor high tops. I’ve got my ‘box of crap’ up on Geekzone but I think I’ll also put it up on TradeMe because I’d prefer to sell the whole lot for $150 and simply call it a day. Put that into my bank account and use that to pay bills whilst I throw what I earn to pay for rent and the rest to pay down debt so I can get closer to my objective of being in a better financial position by the end of next year (along with hitting my weight goal of 85-90kg).

Regarding the information technology side, it appears that things are pretty quiet over at Apple over the Christmas and new year but I wouldn’t be surprised if part of that has to do with the firestorm in the blogosphere regarding the declining quality of Apple software as covered by many pundits. It makes me wonder whether macOS 10.13.3 beta releases are going to really hone in on nailing down those much complained about short comings as well as delivering a more reliable experience. That being said, the other side isn’t so great and there is a tendency to also romanticise the past when Steve Jobs was in charge – keeping in mind that Steve Jobs did have the RDF which manipulated the media and fanbase into ignoring the failures in favour of only focusing on the positive.

Work was good today – on my 15 minute breaks I go for a quick walk up to level 5 taking the stairs then back down to the ground then back up to level 2 again. I found that if I just sit down the whole day I gradually start to fall asleep plus it is an easy way to get some calorie burning in during the day. I’ve also focused on sticking to my diet which I’m proud about today and then I’ve got tomorrow then on Tuesday I’ll have dinner with mum and nana because mum is going to drive nana back up to Auckland – I’ll ensure I won’t go crazy like Id did on Christmas, Boxing Day and the dinner with my brother/sister and their respective partners – although I have to admit looking back on the dinner with my siblings the foot was pretty damn healthy. That being said, getting back on tracking and focusing on the big prize which is 85-90kg by the end of 2018 is an achievable goal because it assumes an average weightless of around 1-1.5kg per week which, if I stick to my diet and go some regular power walking, should be pretty achievable without being being absolutely hardcore and making life miserable.

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