Got some work at least

On a good side, I’ve got some work at least – around 11 days worth of work; one at a site operated by the same organisation I am with along with an event with a temp agency that’ll pay around $19 per hour (8 hours of work) so that’ll all add up eventually but in the mean time I’m putting my name out there to pick up casual work here and there to keep my head above water.

The diet is going well and although I do have the occasional ‘treat’ I also ensure that it is within moderation rather than going crazy; three pieces of pizza rather than having a whole one. Hopefully by the time my brother arrives in New Zealand I’ll be close to the half way point but until then I’ve got 3 hoodies I’ll give to a friend since they don’t fit me and probably won’t fit me since the torso of the hoodie is too short plus I don’t like the feel of the fabric (I got them pretty cheap so it is a non-issue). On the good side I’ve got some nice stuff arriving that I’ve wanted for quite some time – three Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds t-shirts that will be nice and comfortable once I hit my target of being 2/3 of the way there by the end of January/beginning of February. There are some things I want to get rid of since they’re synthetic fabric and they’re horrible from the stand point that they’re not breathable fabric plus a few out of date things too.

In terms of milestones, I weighed myself at Briscos (I’m too cheap to buy a scales myself) and I’m down to 167kg which his a drop of 26kg in total so far and at the rate I’m going at I’ll be below 160kg by the end of the year. Part of the diet has not only been about cutting calories but having a complete lifestyle reboot and now I look at what I eat and it doesn’t even resemble what I used to it – a lot more fruit, vegetables, health vegetarian options, I’m now looking at what is in the food rather than just throwing it in the oven then hoping for the best. My aim is to be pretty much over half way to my target by the time I go back to work next year with my normal job and by the end of that year I want to be at my target weight of around 85-90kg 

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