I got the answer back…and it wasn’t good

As you’ve already seen via my tweet, unfortunately although the guy who recruited me for the position had vouched for me along with the doctor explaining but alas HR over rode evidence in favour of feels. That being said, one has to remember that the industry I was entering into has, well, lets put it the way, a bit of a reputation when it comes to health and safety which leads me to wonder whether the decision was the result of being overly cautious which is understandable given the million dollar fines that have been handed down by Work Safe. I’ve gotten in contact with someone I know at a recruitment company since she offered me a temporary position but I turned it down believing that I had the job in the bag. Hopefully she’ll be able to find me something because I’d sooner avoid WINZ like the plague since the whole experiencing of having to go into their office is pretty horrible.

Anyway, hopefully once I get some sort of job sorted out then I’ll be in a good position to make a decision on my Apple Watch going forward but given the precarious financial position I am in it is best not to do something stupid like make a big purchase. I’m really hoping that I get that job which the recruitment wondered whether I would be interested in last week and if it has good pay of something close to $20 per hour (it is a call centre job) which would bring in a good pay packet that I can put some savings aside in my high interest bonus saver I’ve got with BNZ (since I’ve moved all my accounts over to them).

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