Keeping up to date with Apple’s and Microsoft’s software improvements

One of the most underrated projects is LLVM given how much of a big contribution it makes to Apple’s operating system – whether it is the libc++ library, the compiler, the use of LLVM when it comes to OpenGL and Metal along with many other components. The following ( link ) is to the LLVM YouTube Channel where they upload the latest videos from the regular conferences they hold which includes engineers visiting from Apple to explain what they have been working on. The one I am watching right now is the following:

Where the Apple engineer is going into detail regarding how LLVM acts as a GPU compiler for the Metal stack that exists across their product range. It is rather disappointing that such videos aren’t propagated on Apple’s main website given how valuable they are to developers who are interested in understanding the reasoning behind the decisions that Apple made and how to write their own applications whilst keeping in mind that design decisions that Apple made.

I’m also having listen to a presentation regarding Windows 10 and the future of C++ development with the changes that Microsoft are gradually rolling out:

The presenter goes into great details talking about how there is an active programme within Microsoft to move away from proprietary extensions to a standards based implementation along with making sure that going forward the C++ stack on Windows 10 will be up to date and conforming with the latest standards. Although in an ideal world we’d all be moving to UWP but in the real world it appears that Microsoft is attempting to make Windows suck a little less by getting those fundamentals sorted out so that if win32 must hang around it would be nice if it didn’t suck as much (the use of the word ‘suck’ is not deliberate but merely as a by product of not being able to come up with something better at the time I was writing this blog post).

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