Maybe going back to my old employer?

I had a chat to my old boss and he wondered whether I would like to come back as a manager due to them needing more managers – I put my hat into the ring so it’ll be interesting to see what happens of it given that it’ll probably have to be ok’ed by head office and/or area manager. Although I enjoy my current job I would sooner have a job that is more stable and not fraught with the concern of finding work during the off season since the work I’m in now is seasonal. I’m also in a lot better head space than I was two years ago; it’s been two years since my dad’s passing and on reflection I think I went back to work far too early as I was still going through the grieving process and rather than dealing with it I threw myself into work. Anyway, if everything goes according to plan I will hopefully have a permanent full time job which will make my life a lot easier for all concerned.

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