A good result at the weigh in

I had modest expectations after 5 weeks – 6-8kg and I’d be as pleased as punch but I’ve lost 17kg at my latest weigh in. With the health check up all giving the thumbs up the doctor gave me another 2 months worth of Duromine which will tide me over until the beginning of January. If things keep up the way they do (which they most likely will considering that the job I have over the Christmas break is an active job) I’ll get back to the weight I was before working as a manager at a fast food place which is still more than when I came back from Australia but it’ll be a lot better than where I was just 7 years ago. Hopefully by the time I get back to the job I am at now next year I would have gotten back to being close to where I want to be so that the last few kilos is a matter of just wearing it off gradually . The final weight I’m aiming for 90-95kg which will give me a 35inch waist, a comfortable/loose XL shirt which will be great given that I have a tonne of clothes I haven’t been able to wear for ages that I will then be able to get back into again.

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