The long break between posts

There has been a lot of stuff occurring behind the scenes regarding the Nokia 8 and Spark but I’ll be doing a write up either Monday or Tuesday depending on whether I have time. That being said, life is pretty good, almost a month since I started my diet and there are signs of improvements – greater flexibility, easier to move around, more energy. Part of that is most likely due to the fact that I’m a lot more conscious about what I put into my body rather than just, “oh fuck, I’m hungry, lets just grab something and fill myself up”. I think the one thing I have gotten into a habit of doing is thinking before eating, “yeah, I’ll enjoy it then immediately 30 minutes afterwards I’ll feel horrible, I don’t want to feel horrible so I’m going to avoid eating that” – funny enough after turning it down I feel good knowing that with each day that I take beck control the closer I get to my goal. Oh well, better head off to sleep now.

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