An observation is not the same as a moral judgement

Once again I wade into the sewer that is Reddit politics where someone posts a meme where, in a nutshell, talks about how no one bats an eyelid when it comes to increased spending on the military and yet everyone loses their mind when there is the mere suggestion of a single payer system or the government should spend more on healthcare. Part of the usual song and dance is the nonsensical argument that ‘the United States subsidies its allies which allows them spend less on their defence and more on their social programmes’ to which I of course replied with:

‘Lets not try to masquerade American defence spending as being altruistic when in reality it is to prop up the foreign policy of the US which furthers America’s economic and geopolitical interests.’

Keep in mind that the above quotation isn’t a moral judgement but simply pointing out a fact. End of the day, if you read that and come to the conclusion that it is a moral judgement then the responsibility falls on your shoulders, not mine. Foreign policy has always been about countries pursuing their countries interests and when I do look foreign policy I divorce morality and simply apply a utilitarian realpolitik logic as to whether it is actually in the countries self interest (such as my criticisms of the United States relationship with Saudi Arabia being counter productive given that Saudi Arabia undermines the sovereignty and security of the United States through the supporting of non-state actors around the world through the use of charities spreading Wahhabism/Salafism) and what a country’s self interest is behind the nationalistic jingoisms and rhetoric which mask what the true intentions actually are.

America pursues a given foreign policy because it has interests that it wishes to protect and I wish that Americans would inform themselves instead of using the ‘we subsidise our allies’ meme in lieu of critically analysing and accepting that what the reality actually is.

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