Clearing out the old, starting afresh

I’m clearing out the old at home and starting with a fresh slate; going to sort out all the cupboards, getting a plastic storage containers to put the extra clothes I have which don’t fit in my tall boy. Everything is going great with my Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and the Chromecast is working wonderfully, being able to cast what ever video I like from my desktop computer to my television screen. The icing on the cake being that the wifi network is super reliable with the mesh arrangement where I’m averaging 800Mbps connection in each of the rooms.

Starting a seasonal job over the christmas break which will be great and then I’ll be back doing my normal job at the end of February next year which will hopefully translate into earning more than $25,000 so I’ll be able to claim back on the independent earner tax credit (around $500 or so).

I got some help with the dieting from my local doctor – after trying to do it myself I realised that it was a process of 2 steps forward and 5 steps back so with some help I’ll get back on track again. They’ve prescribed me with an appetite suppressant and so far it is working well – my appetite has flat lined and no longer have the ravenous cravings at the end of a ‘good day’ of sticking to a diet. My doctor noted that it isn’t a permanent long term solution can take forever which I understand – it is one of those situations that once you get some momentum behind oneself that it becomes a virtuous cycle of positive outcomes re-enforce further positive outcomes with also feed into a positive state of mind (rinse and repeat).

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