Busy week, few posts

Work and life has been pretty hectic but what I am working on is a mini-review of iOS 11, macOS 10.13 and tvOS 11. I’m also at the 2 year mark for my phone so I am looking around at replacements especially in light of my case going caput last night and how iOS 11 seems to be ‘weighing down’ my phone even with the recent 10.0.1 update that came through yesterday.

I’m having a look at a replacement and right now I’m open to the idea of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus – for me I don’t really care too much about having the latest and greatest version of Android but I do care about getting the monthly updates which Samsung seem to be doing a pretty good job at delivering (New Zealand receives them close to around the same time that most of the European countries receive it which is closed to the beginning of the month. It is tempting because there is no 128GB version of the iPhone 8 – 64GB isn’t enough, 256GBn is too much and unfortunately the lack of a sdcard slot makes the 64GB not viable for me where as the 64GB built in with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus isn’t so bad when you consider that you can always throw in an sdcard at a later date.

If there is a move to Android then part of that will include evaluating who I get my online services through such as email, calendaring, notes and contacts sync. I’ll probably setup a new domain that is a lot shorter as to avoid having a really not email address – a domain name that is unique and yet not too weird.

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