Crappy weather but things are looking better…gradually

Damn, it has been over a week since I updated my blog but I’ve had so many things happening in my life at the moment not to mention a small accident at home where I was thankful that I had insurance to get resolved. So lets start from the top:

1) I’ve got two interviews lined up on Monday so I’m hopeful that one of them will come off successfully but in the mean time I’m going to be looking into getting my managers certificate from the Wellington city council so I can finally put my LCQ to some good use – the challenge is finding an employer willing to be used as a reference for the process. The other bit of homework I’ll be looking at will be studying for the Food Hygiene 167 and 168 along with the possibility of taking a 4 day barista course to up skill myself in the areas where I am weakest at. Lets assume I get the call centre job then I’ll still look at getting those qualifications so then at least I’ve broadened my skill set so if I do move on from that job I have the necessary skills to enter into the marketplace.

2) I made a bit of a mess having spilled coke over my MacBook which resulted in my keyboard being totally broken – I’m still trying to work out how the coke got into the keyboard but it might have been a matter of me bumping my drinking and the drink slushed around and went over onto the keyboard rather than the result of it actually falling over on the keyboard. On Monday I’ll be sending it away to get an assessment and I’ll take it from there regarding what will be the next steps. The most likely scenario will be that the device is beyond repair and they’ll just issue me with a replacement – I’ll get the cash and buy it from Apple’s online store.

3) Diet is going well – lost a few kilos and one of my shirts are fitting me a lot better so I think in the long run as I eat healthier and in moderation that the benefits will occur gradually. I personally don’t want drastic over night changes because it is impossible to keep them long term so the main focus is making lifestyle changes that are life long rather than a flash in the pan and he effects are only temporary. The big thing is keeping away from sweet food – that is my big downfall.

4) Met up with this cute guy and things are going well – we’ll see how it goes from here but it is good to at least be with someone after a decade of loneliness caused by a schedule that made it next to impossible to meet people outside of work.  Maybe that is part of the reason why I’m losing some weight and sticking to the plan because of a rise in self confidence and self worth. Hopefully once I get over my cold and he sits his exam that there will be more free time to hang out more often.

5) My scooter is racking up a list of things I need fixing so hopefully once I get a few hundred dollars behind me I’ll head into the local and get the whole lot fixed in one go. Repair places are like electricians – they charge a flat fee straight off the bat so you might as well cram as much work into that allotted time to make the amount worth while.

Final thing: The election in NZ has been a shit-show, I’m still going to vote but I still haven’t made up my mind yet because the options are just oh-so-terrible so I guess it’ll be a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

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