Yay, weekend!

Checked my usual sources for entertainment and ‘Ray Donovan’ started a new season (season 5) along with a new episode of ‘The Strain’ and I’m looking forward to eventually seeing the season finale of ’12 Monkey’s’ once it comes back on again – oh, and to make the situation even more fun Real Time with Bill Maher has returned as well after going on holiday (or as they say in the US – ‘vacation’).

I’m fixing up my CV and making it more streamlined – focusing on the full time jobs I’ve had since graduating university rather than including every random part time job I’ve had since high school. I understand the need to include information but at some point one has to ask whether what is being provided is fluff, distracting and the potential employer looks at this proverbial thesis and moves onto the next CV without reading it. I’ll fire off some resumes tonight and hopefully I’ll get some responses but at the end of the day you can only do what you can do – no use getting angry at the world because in the end it just makes you feel even worse about the situation.

Anyway, going to grab something for dinner and start watching those episodes – a great way to enjoy some time off from work then everything gets back to normal on Wednesday.

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