Anti-ACT groupies throwing a temper tantrum in lieu of a well thought out critique

So the Twitter hit the fan and once again the fake outrage machine goes into overdrive thanks to a post that was made by the deputy leader of the ACT Party (for the sake of disclosure, I was a member 9 years ago and ran as a candidate in Wigram but I’ve since left the party and haven’t voted for them since running in 2008) regarding the ‘controversial’ idea that one should live within ones means by only making lifestyle choices that you can afford ( link ):

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 2 25 29 AM

So you expect that people would post rational replies such as pointing out that circumstances can change over long periods of time, that the lack of access to affordable contraception, abortion and comprehensive sex education isn’t something that is universally consistent around New Zealand, that punishing children for the stupidity of parents seems cruel and unusual punishment etc. then you would be wrong. Nope, rather than talk about the tonnes of legitimate issues that exist with the ACT Party policies and philosophy you had the usual screaming and complaining from the ‘emotions first, rationalism and logic on the back burner” with screaming about how the rich can only have kids but fail to see how ‘poor having more poor people to be chewed up like a commodity in the capitalist grinder for the benefit of the rich’ apparently doesn’t sound repugnant to one person:

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 2 47 36 AM

Then followed by the same stupid nonsense of complaining that the ACT Party want to eradicate those with disabilities:

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 2 49 34 AM

Even though on the actual policy website ( link ) they note the following: “Continue to advocate for continued and more generous state support for those with physical or mental conditions who require support, including improved access to supported living arrangements for those with serious mental illness.”. Again, there are loads to attack the ACT Party on without needing to make shit up. Then there is this chap:

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 2 56 29 AM

Want to know what is really repugnant, the fact that you couldn’t even be bothered to sit and reflect on what was actually posted before firing off a reply because if you had you would have realised that what Beth was talking about and the scenario you laid out are not the same situation. Again, there are legitimate issues regarding their policy such as the time limit on the Job Seeker or solo parent support benefit that you could rip apart but I guess mischaracterising what someone posts as a Segway for your tirade seems to be your de rigueur. Then there are people who just pull stuff out of their backside like claiming what was posted as a ‘puritanical moralism’:

Screen Shot 2017 07 13 at 3 02 07 AM

Because making sure that you can affordable a lifestyle choice that you make is apparently the hallmark of puritanical moralism according to this chap – really? The only person who seems to be doing puritanical moralism seems to be your and your interpretation of being a responsible adult – feeling guilty about some choices you’ve made in life?

The rest of the posts on that thread? A clear indication that they never read the ACT Party policies ( link ) so instead they use it as a venue to projectile vomit the poorly digested information they gleamed off their friends, family and an almost pavlovian response when ever the name of a centre right party’s is heard within earshot. As noted the beginning, there is a lot one can be critical of in regards to what the ACT Party actually say in their party manifesto – you don’t need to go around inventing new things to be outraged about just as Democrats don’t need to whip themselves into a frenzy over Russia when there are so many horrible things the Republicans are doing already – be it the EPA, Education, the repeal of ObamaCare etc. How about people focus on what is actually real rather than making stuff up or am I expecting too much?

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