Feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck

When I went to the doctors on Monday and oh god I felt like death warmed over; I was coughing up phlegm, light headed, running a temperature – basically feeling 50 shades of horrible. I got some antibiotics and they seem to have dealt with the worst aspects of it but I still have a dry cough which I’m taking some Formula 44 for but I’ve sent an email to my local medical centre as to whether it is something I should do a follow up consultation along with a prescription refill or whether it is something that should be just ‘soldiered through’ and allow nature take its course. Right now the temperature is 8 degrees celsius although in reality it feels a whole lot colder primarily because we’re in a valley meaning the cold air lingers around for a lot longer so I’ve got the heater going to keep me warm.

On a good side I’ve put out some job applications and fine tuned my cover letter given that the one I was using before appeared as ‘too generic’ and if read by someone it really didn’t give the reader the impression that I was sincerely interested in a job given how cookie cutter it actually was in nature. Hopefully over the next few months I’ll get some replies and opportunities to be interviewed because although I enjoy the job I have the problem is the fact that it is seasonal work with long stand down periods where as I’d prefer to have something that has more stable hours so then it is easier to budget and plan for.

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