This is why technology journalism is heading down the shitter

Yet another half baked article from our ‘friends’ over at ‘The Verge’ ( link ), now don’t get me wrong I have no problem with ‘Joe’ or ‘Jane’ random posting his or her 5 cents worth on a given topic on their own blog but when ‘The Verge’ gives someone a platform then there has to be standards – half baked drivel consisting of bitching and whining that Apple doesn’t provide you with a product you like (therefore Apple sucks) is hardly something that is even close to what I would consider hitting a professional standard. What do I mean by a ‘processional standard’? If you’re going to talk about a product or company then evaluate the company based on what it actually says and what it does rather than complaining that said company or said product doesn’t do what you want it to do.

1) If you’re reviewing a ultrabook then don’t bitch and whine about the fact that you cannot upgrade the RAM or that the performance is ‘wanting’ when you try to play some super duper graphics laden shoot ‘em up – it was never designed to do that nor has the hardware vendor ever claimed that it was designed to do that so why are you evaluating the said product on a set of criteria that the OEM never designed the product to meet? Evaluate the product based on what the vendor promised – it fails to meet what was promised then by all means rip the OEM a new one.

2) Apple develops for the middle 66% of people; the 17% at the bottom end are never going to buy unless it is dirt cheap and Apple isn’t interested in a race to the bottom nor is Apple interested in catering for the 17% at the top who want a super duper gaming machine because the market simply isn’t there – those who want to game already build their own or already have a Mac but have a Playstation or Xbox when they want to do some gaming.

3) When you have a computer you just don’t stare at the hardware mindlessly but actually use the hardware and how you use it is via the underlying operating system and the software that runs on top. If you preference is Windows because you want to run Solidworks for your job then it makes sense to have a Windows PC just as if a game that you like is only available on Windows or the best performance is achieved on a Windows PC because the software vendor has spent more time optimising for Windows.

4) The iMac Pro isn’t a replacement for the Mac Pro, the Mac Pro has already been scheduled for next year as noted by the ‘We’re Sorry’ round table discussion that occurred a couple of months ago. There is a market for such a device which is why Apple is developing it in the first place – the middle ground between a top of the line iMac vs. an entry level Mac Pro with the iMac Pro hitting that middle ground. Is it something that I would personally buy myself? Nope, I’ve got the cash and I could easily buy it but it would be a massive over kill for what I want to use the computer for but I’m sure there are creative types out there who want something more grunty and the iMac Pro would fit that nicely. Now, the only thing I would have loved to see would be something similar to the HP Z1 G3 which has a removable back so that you can take it off then get access to the components to upgrade:

HP Z1 G3 Worlstation 03

That would have been a real game changer but like I said, I’m sure Apple did their research and realised that the number of people who wanted that level of aftermarket customisability sits between bugger all and sweet fanny Adams.

5) There are those of us, like myself, after working all day simply want to come home to switch on a computer to play a game, surf the net and watch a few videos without dealing with the sort of bullshit that dominates the /r/Windows10 subreddit of people dealing with yet another automatic update that has broken something, yet another driver update that fixed one thing but broke 1/2 dozen other things etc. The net result? People like me are happy to pay a premium if it means we can be shield from that bullshit and can enjoy our free time instead of spending that free time trying to work out why something has gone pear shaped.

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