WWDC 2017…wow…just…wow

I’ve watched the keynote and state of the union keynote, and all I can say is that Apple has finally shown that it is actually interested in returning to the Mac platform and turning it into something that ‘balls of steel’ rather than merely pretty machines for the fashionista crowd. The biggest highlight for me was macOS ‘High Sierra’ with the focus on under the hood improvements and technology advancements rather than gimmicky changes not to mention the awesome hardware refresh across the board to bring it all inline with the latest Kaby Lake not to mention the grunty GPU that has the benefit of the die shrink to 14nm (down from 28nm) along with a superior fabrication process meaning better performance with lower power usage and lower heat dissipation. Regarding the podcast I was talking about, I’ll hopefully get it all sorted by tomorrow because I’ll be having an early night in bed because of an early start to the day with an interview at hopefully a new job that is then followed by work then followed by coming home, packing the bags then getting ready for my brothers wedding – 3 days off from work will be nice.

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