Another lovely day of rest

Chilling out at home but having gotten up late then heading off to my mum’s for dinner then lack back home I decided to hold off from creating a podcast least my podcast comes off sounding like a rambling mess due to my body being ok but my brain wanting to go to sleep or doing something less strenuous. Had a nice dinner; chicken Alfredo with garlic, onions and mushrooms then I served it up with some pepper and cajun seasoning sprinkled on top – the cajun seasoning really kicked it up a notch with the combination of cajun seasoning and the creaminess of the Alfredo sauce.

I’m watching the MASH episodes online again to fill in some time but on a good side I’ve just finished watching 12 Monkey’s with the next season being the last season which will wrap everything up – the last couple of episodes of this season was a bit of a head turner as it turned upside down many of the assumptions that one had originally about who the witness actually was in the end. House of Cards is said to be returning 30 May 2017 with The Strain having its final season being season 4 and will return 16 July 2017 then combine that with the great shows on already, why waste time going out to movies with a hastily constructed story that tries to fit into 1 1/2 to 2 hours and leaves the audience wondering what happened to all the loose ends left over.

On a good side I’m excited about the coming WWDC 2017 that’ll get started on 5 June and go through to 9 June with the announcement of the next version of macOS which will transition the operating system from HFS+ to APFS thus retiring the last unaddressed legacy component of macOS that has hagged onto its dear life all these past years. I’m looking forward to seeing more work being done under the hood – call me old fashioned but I’d sooner this release be an under the hood improvement because feature wise I’m already pretty happy then combined that with sorting out their iCloud service wit maybe some more free space then it sounds like a good match up going forward. As much as the media love coming along to her about the ‘300 new features’ that are coming to macOS or iOS, I would sooner the focus be on under the hood changes such as optimisations, bug fixes and taking advantage of the hardware I already have through compiler improvements or moving more of the UI over to utilising Metal/Metal Kit.

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