Shaving goodies arrived review…plus the day in review

It arrived in the morning so I quickly signed for it but head back to sleep (hey, it’s my day off and I like to sleep in – one of life’s little pleasures) but I later woke up and had a look. The brush and shaver holder looks really nice in the bathroom but the biggest improvement was the new shaving soap that has lanolin as its basis which doesn’t dry out my skin when using which makes the shaving experience a lot more enjoyable and I don’t need to worry about using an after shave balm to restore the moisture. It came in a nice ceramic container and the refills are available online at a reasonable price so it avoids having to deal with waste once I’ve finished using the product.

I’ve been holding off from turning on my heater but damn it started to get really cold in the Hutt Valley with tonight getting down to 4-5°C and even getting rid of the moisture out of the air with the dehumidifier but even then the house was too cold so I had to put on the heater. Tomorrow feel that what I need is a good traditional roast lamb dinner with kumera and pumpkin along with some mint sauce – something to keep me warm with the weather getting colder at night.

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