Bad weather, leaking house..and procrastination

Well, there has been nothing but bad weather for the two days I’ve had off so far but I’m hoping that tomorrow it’ll be fine enough that I can head down to Bunnings and grab some weed killer and give the cracks between the concrete a damn good soaking to kill anything that might exist between those cracks. Well, here we are on Wednesday and well, it is still raining thus I was unable to head down to Bunnings to do what I want but more joy has befallen me with the leaking on the lounge room which hasn’t been fixed which might call for a complete room replacement not to mention dealing with the ceiling inside which has been damaged by the water.

Apple invited some high profile journalists within the Apple ecosystem to a briefing at their headquarters with John Gruber giving a good run down in a couple of blog posts he has made on the subject ( link ) ( link ) where Apple is reassuring, via the popular media outlets, that Apple do care about the professional customer base along with the Mac customer base over all. I don’t want to sound negative but why did it take until 2017 for them to finally say/do something? For someone like me, I am not going to go anywhere because the alternative to the Mac platform is worse than the Mac platform where it is but I do hope that we’ll eventually see Tim accept that the iPad is going to keep declining until it hits rock bottom but until then the idea of screwing over your long standing base in a hope to move them to the iOS platform is ultimately going to annoy those ‘influencers’ who would have otherwise been the sort who would promote your products to friends and family as the ‘guy who is good with computers’ (check out how effective marketing is vs. receiving a recommendation from a friend or family member).

For work I needed a new pair of suitable shoes so I went into Southern Hospitality, a large hospitality focused supplier, to purchase a good sturdy pair of shoes and I found the perfect pair. They’re not much to look at in terms of the fashion department but but they’re oh so damn comfortable when it comes to arch support (I have a high arch and it is one of the parts of my foot that really hurts after a long day at work). I’ve also got a couple of pairs of those ‘SKINS’ which also help when standing for long periods of time – make life a little easier at work. The biggest benefit with the shoes is the fact that they’re completely water proof so I won’t even up with soaking feet plus the internal sole can be replaced and unlike the skatey shoes I bought not too long ago which had hollow soles that end up being really painful when one puts ones full body weight on it. Oh, and on the subject of shoes, I bought myself a pair of comfortable Birkenstock shoes that I can wear – yes, they sell shoes. They’ll be nice and comfortable.

Regarding my iPhone vs. Samsung journey – it is funny how, when you think about something for a couple of hours you quickly realise that what you were going to do was rather stupid and that holding off till the iPhone 8 is actually the smartest course of action. When that eventually ships I’ll grab the 256GB version that’ll be the one I’ll go for one in ‘matte black’ option in a Twelve South Bookbook wallet format nut that’ll have to wait till November/December towards the end of this year. I’m excited about WWDC 2017 especially with 10.13 and hopefully with the launch of APFS will mean the shedding of the numerous layers of work arounds to achieve things like time machine that can now be done natively at the file system level such as snapshots.

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