Cleaning around the house, relaxing after a long day…and software updates

I’m happy that I’ve got some stuff sorted out in my personal life – organised a meeting with WINZ where it appears I might be able to get some help with the rent so nothing lost nothing gained so I might as well give it a go. It’ll make life a bit easier to get some extra cash but at the same time I’m happy with my current arrangement of the number of days as I’d sooner have a more balanced life/work where I can focus on getting my personal life back on track and looking into making use of my LCQ certificate.

With that being said I’m watching Quantico and relaxing with the Baileys Irish Cream I purchased the Flybuys points I had acquired over the years. The only thing worth using the points for these days is booze and food – the rest of the products are pretty shittastic because they’re things that I could easily buy rather than something I wouldn’t normally buy but I’d like to have. I also bought a six pack of Monteiths Radler which was a great after a long day of getting into Wellington but before then having to deal with two leaking fuel lines which was later added to the ‘list of stuff that needs fixing up’ when I dropped it off at the motorcycle shop.

Noel Leeming has advertised the iPhone 7 Plus (PRODUCT)Red on their website that they’re selling it but they haven’t got anything noted on their website that the store closest to me has stock. Although I could go through the online Apple Store I would prefer to buy it from Noel Leeming as I can get Flybuy points on the purchase which I can put towards buying life’s essentials.

Funny enough, on the subject of Mac’s and iPhones – I woke up with an unexpected surprise and that was the release of iOS 10.3, tvOS 10.2 and macOS 10.12.4 to the internet along with updates for Pages, Keynote and Numbers. 10.3 and tvOS 10.2 include the conversion from HFS+ to APFS but also it includes features and bug fixes but truth be told iOS and tvOS already satisfies me so an extra goodies are always nice. When it comes to macOS 10.12.4 though the big improvement has been the upgrading of Safari to 10.1 plus many frameworks were touched in some way along with extensions too. Long term it makes me wonder whether Apple is working towards retiring more hardware with the next release of macOS especially if Apple are continuing to push forward with Metal which may mean that some hardware incapable of providing what Metal needs, in the form of hardware features, to be able to continue advancing forward. Assuming that the same sort of hardware that is require for Vulkan is also required for Metal then it might mean killing off the 2011 or older range of hardware.

Oh well, off to sleep so I can wake up tomorrow and hopefully my scooter will be all ready as well for pick up.

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