Upon reflection..Moving to Android is like moving banks

A lot of work and in the end I have to ask wether it is worth it after all considering that to really get the best experience it would involve creating a Gmail address etc. or maybe reusing my domain name for the Google Apps or otherwise there is the ‘fun’ of trying to get iCloud to work with Android – third party plugins just to get some basic CalDAV and CardDAV functionality working. The big question is whether the inconvenience is with the money saved in the long run is something one has to consider.

Listening to ‘Windows Weekly’ regarding the speculation about the launch of a Surface Book without the detachable screen with a lower price point then dives into questions regarding the ‘secret sauce’ or ‘not wanting to go up against its OEM partners”. In all due respects it is time for Microsoft to stop ballsing around and just go for it because ultimately it is the half assed half baked work that OEM’s are doing which ultimately undermines the Windows brand – bad experience, blame Microsoft even though Microsoft had little to do with the half assed work that the OEM did. Keeping in mind that the rumour originated from Digitimes so it could be just Microsoft experimenting with an idea to see what is possible.

Oh well, off to sleep now and hopefully the roster/timetable will be up when I get to work.

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