Updates-a-plenty: Windows 10 Creators Update plus test beta macOS 10.12.4, iOS 10.3 and tvOS 10.2

It appears that the Windows 10 Creators Update is now feature frozen and will be receiving no more features – all bug fixes and from then on out but so far it appears that part of the update has no only been about adding new features but making the whole ‘software as a service’ model work a whole lot smoother when compared to the anniversary update. The biggest problem, as I’ve noted in the past, is the fact that although the idea of ‘software as a service’ (aka ‘rolling release’) is a great idea because it allows features to be rolled out once they’re ready rather than meeting an arbitrary release date the downside is that Windows is a spaghetti code clusterfuck that is a kin to the family tree of the royal families of Europe.

If Windows was a clean layered design then it would be possible to upgrade things in a piecemeal fashion without being concerned that all hell was going to break loose but alas we’ve seen no attempt to fix the mess up before going down this road with the net resulting in an update followed by a flurry of updates in quick succession to address the numerous things that were broken along the way. What Microsoft really do need to do is basically do what they’re doing when it comes to Windows Nano Server and make it clear that things are going to be broken along the way and have a long term transition plan like how Apple did with the movement from ‘Mac OS Classic’ to ‘Mac OS X’ through the use of Classic, Carbon and Cocoa. What would the Window would be like: Virtualisation for exact backwards compatibility, a reformed/cleaned up Win32 for traditional applications that’ll require some tweaking and then UWP for modern applications going forward.

macOS 10.12.4 is at its sixth beta which is quite a record which makes many wonder whether the rumours of a hardware release, as noted on Mac Rumors, could be coming as early as next next week but keeping in mind that no invites have been sent out so I doubt they’ll spring on at the last minute. There has been a rumour that there will be an iPad even in April as reported on 9to5mac which sounds more plausible given that by that stage the new ‘space ship’ Apple headquarters would have been complete which might double as a big unveiling of a new vision for Apple going forward which includes a refreshed iPad and possible Mac product line.

iOS, tvOS and watchOS are all developing nicely with the transition to the APFS appearing to go smoothly with no evidence seen that they’ll be reversing course in terms of case sensitivity so don’t be surprised if we end up seeing as part of the 10.13 announcement a big declaration as to the importance of testing software on the new file system.

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