Things aren’t going so bad after all

Well, so far things have actually been going well apart from some time off from work because of an upset tummy but that’ll be sorted out when I go to the doctors today to get an evaluation along with a doctors certificate that’ll say whether I can come back to work. One of those things with the food handling industry is that the usual things one could push through in an office environment with a little discomfort are things that cannot be ignored when handling food as the risk is too great. Not a good start to the job but it is one of those things that happen.

On a good side I have received confirmation back that I have passed my LCQ (Liquor Control Qualification) which gives me unit standards 4646 and 16705 which covers the following:

4646: Demonstrate knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications for licensed premises (L4, C2, v9)

16705: Demonstrate knowledge of host responsibility requirements as a duty manager of licensed premises. (L4, C3, v6)

Which will enable me to apply for a duty managers licence at the local city council which will enable me to run a shift at a licence restaurant or bar which opens up a lot more opportunities for me going forward so eventually I’d like to move out of the job I have today in favour of something more fulfilling. What I’m going to be doing now is update my resume and cover letter then start applying for jobs now that I have that much required qualification with the only thing I need to do in future is just keep it up to date as the government makes changes to the legislation but given that the last time they upgraded it was 4 years ago I don’t think there will be any major changes any time soon other than maybe around the edge which will simply require a refresher course.

It appears that I made a good decision not to go for the iPhone 7 since it appears that the replacement to the iPhone 7, rumoured to be either the iPhone 8 or as some have dubbed the ‘iPhone Anniversary Edition’, will provide a big leap forward in terms of performance, battery life as well as supporting the next generation of the LTE standard. There is a rumour that they might standardise on USB-C but there has been no evidence so far other than rumours but it is highly unlikely that they would throw away all the investment made into the lightening connector particularly with the MFI programme and how dependent the ecosystem is. There was also an interesting point about how the lightening connector is thinner and more flexible so it’ll be interesting to see whether future refinements of the USB-C standard will eventually make the lightening connector obsolete or whether it’ll be something kept around indefinitely.

There is a lot of excitement building with the gradual adoption of APFS although there has been one report of someone being able to get macOS installed on an APFS volume using 10.12.4 where on the screenshot it showed that it was formatted and case insensitive. When I saw the ‘case insensitive’ it made me wonder whether firstly whether it is the byproduct of it being that it was convert rather than a fresh new setup and secondly whether Apple will in the future make all new installs of macOS default to case sensitivity but conversions will remain case insensitive as to avoid any possible compatibility issues that might appear once macOS has been upgraded and the user starts using applications that were already installed on the drive. Putting that aside I do think that in the future that the eventual aim is to harmonise between all at the platforms particularly when it comes to developers who pull down code from a source trees (git, cvs etc) whose file and directory structure assumes the host platform to which it s being downloaded onto is case sensitive in nature but on other side there are plenty of applications that break on a case sensitive formatted partition.

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