They hated Obama more than they cared about their own health

I was watching this Vox Media video regarding ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act in Whitley County (Kentucky) which heavily voted for Trump but keeping in mind that historically the county was a strong hold for Republican support even when it is against their own self interest as seen in the video below: 

Reading through the comment section there as a to and fro debate between multiple parties over the fact that this county had overwhelmingly supported Trump and that Trump was going to take away their healthcare yet people still voted for Trump anyway:

Feel sympathy for them. I do. Not all of us had the money or opportunity to go to college. You want to say they are just stupid? Then by the same lodgic you must say that those born handicapped are just born that way and shouldn’t be helped. We can’t exclude people because they lack education or smarts. Are their lives not as valuable as anyone else’s. Of course they are. Do they not deserve food and shelter and a decent standard of living? How can anyone demand equality for minority races, the handicapped, for different religions and leave out people because they weren’t born smart enough? They might have been misguided in voting for Trump but no one else was listening, no one else seemed to care. These people felt so forgotten that they took a chance, a long shot, but that’s the only odds they were given. Obama could have fixed a lot by not throwing it back to congress to improve Obamacare but to just sign one more executive order to help these desperately poor people that everyone seems to have forgotten.

The first thing that needs to be noted is the fact the county was heavily leaning Republican so in reality it is the age old joke of it being a place that you could put a wheel barrow up with a red rosette affixed to the aforementioned gardening utensil and the locals would still vote for them no matter how much they’re getting fucked over by the Republican Party. This isn’t solely and America phenomenon given that there are parts of New Zealand that are politically tribal – farmers who will keep voting National Party through thick and thin and parts of the urban centres that’ll keep voting Labour even when the fail to deliver over and over again. So at the end of the day I don’t think there was a dogs balls chance in hell of that county ever flipping the county from Republican to Democratic given how ingrained the idea of being Republican is to that particular area 

I’m sure someone will claim that “You want to say they are just stupid?” But the reality is that they are stupid because they never asked the follow question, “what do you mean, something great?” and as we’ve seen today it appears that Trump has admitted that maybe healthcare is a lot more complicated than getting up and making a blustering speech at the podium during one of his rallies. By the way, these people aren’t idiots – if I said to them, “buy this truck, it is great” do you really think they would turn around and just go and buy it? of course not! they would ask, “why do you say it is great” and then demand the specifications, whether it has any endorsements from professional organisations, along with other information relevant to the decision to buy or not to buy. So yes, these people do have the nous to make a big purchasing decision that they’ll have to live with for years but they weren’t smart enough to see through the slick sales tricks by Trump? Maybe the answer is simpler than may in the media try to make it out to be – that those who voted for Trump hated Obama (Hillary seen as the ‘heir’ to Obama’s legacy) more than they care about their own health. Then again, it isn’t the first time that hate has blinded people into making a stupid decision in life.

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