Things are beginning to look up

Things are starting to look good – I had a ‘trial’ or ‘induction’ shift tonight so it’ll be interesting to see how it all works out in the end but if it translates into a full time job then it’ll be a lot better than the current situation of surviving off some savings. I’ve also got another job that I’m going to apply for next week plus an interview on Saturday so we’ll see how it all goes.

Well, here I am almost a week after I started this post I’ve gotten a reply back for the first one, it appears that they job isn’t full time and due to the distance from home the expense vs. the hours just simply match up. It would have been a great job since it would allow me to enter into the hospitality sector but at the same time I really do need a full time job with stable hours or otherwise it’ll play havoc with the lack of stability when it comes to my pay packet. Regarding the second application, I haven’t heard back yet but I have a feeling that he has received a lot of applications so I’m pretty happy that I was at least given a chance to have an interview – end of the day there are a lot of talented people out there and sometimes it is just a numbers game.

On a good side after all that I do have a job which is working for a catering company in Wellington which supplies foods to multiple outlet including tertiary education cafeterias, hospitals, businesses etc.which will be great – I avoid having to serve the public, I’ll end up doing the shifts the go from midday to 8pm which men I don’t start to early and I don’t finish too late. All in all I’m happy with training starting on 22 February at 8:15 so I’ll be there will bells on.

Just a follow up to iOS 10.3 beta 2 that was released recently, I was wondering how much of an impact that the migration from HFS+ to APFS and so far there has been a lot of positive feedback. I have to wonder though to what degree it is down to just the usual optimisations that Apple is doing but given the improvements I’d be surprised if it were purely down to optimisations alone. When it comes to macOS there has been another beta release of 10.12.4 which includes a Safari upgrade as well to 10.1 and there has been a proposal by Apple to developers pa more sophisticated successor to WebGL where they’ve already been working on ‘Metal for the web’ but Apple would prefer to see it become a standard as to encourage the adoption on more platforms than just its own.There is also leaked specs from within the build which points to a MacBook refresh very soon so that’ll make for interesting reading.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens when it comes to macOS and APFS when it comes to performance but I’m looking forward to eventually seeing how 10.13 turns out and whether we see a leap in performance now that APFS aren’t stuck with the limitations that HFS+ had. Oh well, looking forward to seeing WWDC in June when all that is announced with much fanfare.

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