Inconsistent Republicans: One rule for Democrats but another set of rules for Republicans

I always find it funny how when Sean Spicer tells the public service to do their jobs:

They didn’t take the same position when Kim Davis threw a temper tantrum in the name of ‘taking a moral stance’ and the Republican Party couldn’t help but rally around her as if she was some sort of modern day martyr sticking up for ‘traditional values’ and ‘morality’.

Then there is the firing of acting US Attorney General Yates for following the constitution. Funny how the Trump supports were screaming about how Obama was an ‘imperial presidency’ and how he ‘trampled over the constitution’ yet as soon as Trump appears in the Whitehouse all that concern about the constitution suddenly disappears because ‘our guy is there’ is a lot more important than what he is actually going to do now that he is in the hot seat.

Building on from that there was the screaming and howling by the Trump supporters along with the ‘tea baggers’ whining about Obama’s overuse of executive action all whilst ignoring the fact that Obama has issued fewer executive orders than previous presidents! Just to drive the point home further – where is the protest over Trump and his ‘executive overreach’ and ‘bypassing congress’ and ‘imperial presidency’? Is it only of a great concern when the other guy does it but when your guy does it then the ends justify the means so therefore he can do what ever he likes because he is on your team?

Side Note: I’ve uploaded a podcast today so check it out on the left hand side of the page under the title “THE MATISYAHU SHOW” if you want an eclectic mixture of politics, philosophy and technology.

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