Pay came through, bills paid and sat LCQ

I wasn’t expecting the final pay to come through all at once but it has so I will have to make it last as long as I can until I start my new job. I sat the LCQ exam however I need to resit a few question as I got them incorrect although I’m going to send back an email follow up as I need to get further clarification on what is required so that I don’t end up wasting my money by not doing the resubmission correctly.

One YouTuber I’ve been following for some time has been ‘Death Wears Bunny Slippers’ where a a family is bought an old Cold War era missile silo/fallout shelter and renovating it into a home/chill out pad so the transformation has been really fun to watch ( link ). I also like watching the micro-apartment and small homes series especially when people have taken a shipping container and turning it into a small house that is self sufficient and compact in size so that the experience is cosy.

Got the bills all sorted out which has made life easier so hopefully once I get my new jobs sorted out I can start getting back to reducing debt and getting everything under control. It was a good decision on my part to hold off on the iPhone upgrade to wait till for the iPhone 7s/8 especially if the rumour turned out to be true that there will be a shift to the 10nm process which should yield better performance, lower power usage and cooler operation which will be great along side some other improvements that Apple has in store regarding the much rumoured ’10th anniversary edition’.

Side note: One thing I notice is how Noel Leeming is so much better than what it used to be – before it was a painful experience by virtue of the compete lack of choice and when there was choice it was always out of date shit I would never want to buy in a million years. Just checking out the Noel Leeming online website – up to date computers being sold, mobile phones unavailable through carriers but available through them such as the HTC 10 as one example. Although their selection isn’t as big as say Ascent or Mighty Ape, it is pretty damn good for a mainstream store when compared to the horrific clusterfuck that exists in the form of many other local big retailers.

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