A simpler life

Damn it has been cold – I though summer was already here but it has been a horrible 9 decrees celsius outside which makes the current weather more akin to being winter or autumn than getting into summer time. I’m all warm in bed watching NCIS and might watch some news before going off to sleep along with updating updating my blog.

Reading through some of the posts on /r/apple can be rather nauseating hearing the same doom and gloom because Tim Cook didn’t personally pay each of the posters a visit and ask them what they want in the next Mac refresh. Personally I the days of large and powerful workstations is quickly coming to an end as mobility takes primacy over having that slight edge in performance so it’ll be interesting to see how things line up with the iMac and whether the iMac will be the Mac Pro replacement or whether Apple is waiting on the AMD Vega GPU range which will be a huge leap forward particularly if Apple makes a major investment into Metal/Metal Kit and convince more third parties to adopt I beyond just simply gaming.

Anyway, this year with 10.13 will be an interesting release with APFS finalised and whether the movement to that file system results in some changes further up – abstracted services that were built on top of HFS+ are now integrated into the file system itself points to making some big changes coming soon. What will be another interesting point will be with the merging of macOS, iOS and tvOS development teams will hopefully mean a harmonisation of frameworks and features – will be great to see what happens once WWDC arrives in the 1st week of June this year.

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