Crappy day and probably a crappier weekend…

Well it looks like it is now is the best time to start looking for a better job – checking out TradeMe for a job maybe in the hospo industry although that might require some training on my part and acquiring certification particularly when it comes to licensed restaurants/bars. I love being on my feet and active all day so even something like working in a supermarket as a department supervisor would also be another good alternative.

I’ve given Netflix a try but damn it is missing a lot of stuff – seasons missing from big releases not to mention oldies like Naked Gun (movie), Blazing Saddles, Spaceballs, along with Married with Children, Cheers, Wings and MASH aren’t available either. Sure, I can understand you cannot always get the latest and greatest but holy toe tapping shit balls there is no reason why one can’t get 40+ year old shows online at this stage.

Oh the way home I was able to get a bottle of milk with a 12 January expiry – I’m a happy lad, at least one thing is looking up for me. Oh and grabbed some of those Chanui Earl Grey and gave it a ‘taste test’ before I went to bed – pretty good and fills the spot. Something to wake up to in the morning to a nice cup of tea and a breakfast biscuit to start the day.

Oh well, off to sleep then one more day with the weekend coming which will give me time to clean up the backyard along with sending off maybe two dozen job applications. I’ll give the letter a brief check and tweak to make it more customised to the reader so that it appears that I’ve at least spent some time addressing each job application individually rather than ‘spray and pray’ thus giving the impression that I want any job rather than wanting that particular job I’m going for.

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