One possible reason for why Hillary lost

After the election it appeared that the age old past time of bitching and whining about the millennial generation came to ahead with such comedic rants like the following:

This gives an overview of how many of my generation think in contrast to what Bill Maher claims:

Hillary lost because was all style and no-substance and more importantly the corner stone of her campaign and what he sycophants who surrounded her constantly chanted – “It’s her turn” as if the presidential election isn’t a campaign of ideas but people having turns. Anyone remember when Scott Brown and the Republicans referred to the senate seat for Massachusetts that Scott Brown resigned from as being ‘our seat’? Anyone remember the noise that Hillary made saying that it was the ‘peoples seat’? Funny how she is concerned about democracy and the position being at the behest of the voters but when it came to the presidential election it was all about ‘her turn’. As noted in the second video – using “It’s my turn” is the best way to turn off millennial voters when your justification for the position isn’t based on what you can bring to the table but some sense of entitlement that it is your turn now. Either we live in a meritocracy where your ideas compete in the marketplaces of ideas with the best rising the top or it is just simply a merry go round between privileged elites akin to an aristocracy but without the pomp and circumstance.

What was more nauseating was the complaining by Bill Maher about people complaining about Hillary Clinton’s lack of ‘authenticity’ but ignores what people were actually getting at – what does Hillary Clinton actually believe in? What was her guiding philosophy? She only just started to adopt Bernie’s platform after he lost and a huge amount of pressure put on but even then it was very watered down at best but more importantly did she actually have the backbone to fight for it once in power? It is all very nice to say, “yeah, I support this” but when push comes to shove and when she is in the White House then is she really going to grab the Republicans and Democrats in the house by the balls and tell them to tow the line or will she just crumple like a cheap styrofoam container on the slightest feeling of pressure from her donor class or those in the congress/senate when they try to push back? There is nothing in her past behaviour that fills people with confidence that she won’t back peddle and go back to the old Hillary Clinton – there wasn’t a free trade agreement she didn’t like, a source of donations that wasn’t beyond the pale (donations from Saudi Arabia whilst claiming to advocate for women’s rights) if ultimately the ends justified the means in her own eyes.

Keeping in mind that when I write this it isn’t a justification for why people voted for Trump or whether Trump will do things better than Hillary but rather why many either voted for Trump or decided to stay at home. The reductionist approach that Bill Maher makes on his show might make certain people feel happy because it absolves them of their responsibility in the loss but it does not ultimately change reality which is that Hillary ran in an election which assured of a win if she got her act together given how flawed the alternative was. Until there is ownership of what happened rather than resorting to the conspiracy theories then things won’t change and as one commentator put it, the Democratic Party will become a costal party which has little to no relevance in politics for the foreseeable future.

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