OMG! It’s the end of the Mac!

And once again we have another cycle of hysteria that because Apple hasn’t turned out a Mac that is ‘incredibly innnovative’ that some how that points to Apple putting the Mac out to pasture ( link ). Insert here the usual ‘death of the Mac’ along with conspiracy theories that Apple is secretly killing off the Mac platform in favour of moving everyone to iPads running iOS or something to that effect.

The first rumour that went around was that the iOS and macOS team were merging so then there would be a single team that develops and maintains all operating systems (iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS). The question I have is this, how is merging the development teams together bad? if they can harmonise the frameworks, a single kernel (I’m sure they have a plugin-able scheduler) and a unique interface (depending on whether it is macOS, iOS) a bad idea? if it means there is feature parity in terms of frameworks between macOS and iOS, is it really the end of the world? I would have thought it is great news that features that exist on iOS will make their way to macOS and vice versa.

The second rumour was about the fact that Jonathan Ive had been moved off Mac design into a new area and thus the self appointed experts on the matter all seem to opine that the death was near for the Mac platform. The reality is that the Mac platform is a mature product – do they really need to waste Ive’s talent hand holding the design team when the design is pretty much set and any movement forward will involve minor tweaks and product refreshes? I’m sitting here wondering what people expect at this stage other than incremental refreshes? When you’ve got talent where do you put them – maintaining something that is already mature or moving them onto the products that are still in a state of flux or products that are still in the development phase?

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