The silly season is upon us

Well, the silly season is once again upon us and I’ve finally finished up getting things organised for Christmas with my brother and her partner, my sister and her partner along with the two nieces also covered. When it doubt vouchers, chocolates and something that they like.  Now that I’ve got all that sorted it is just a matter of wrapping them so then they’re already by Christmas.

It appears it is that time of the year when people sit around lamenting the future of Apple and the Mac platform all because what they want isn’t catered for by Apple but guaranteed when the refresh happens next year you’ll have a new group of people whining that the Mac platform is being neglected because their own wishes aren’t being catered for. Oh well, lets wait to see what happens next year when a new chorus of complaints come through when APFS is released and people whine about some feature of Siri not being made available on macOS or some such.

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