More job applications, iOS and tvOS update

I’ve put out another five job applications but in that process what I’m looking at doing in the new year is to study for a Liquor Control Qualification which will enable me to work as a manager at a licensed restaurant – the cost is $180 but it’ll open up a lot of opportunities to me especially give my management background. It is a 2 days course and worse case scenario I could always do it on my two days off next year if I’m still at the job I’m at now – it’ll be worth the investment and I’ll also loo into the St John’s first aid certificate as well since that is quite a high demanded qualification that business need and admire when a potential employees takes on the initiative of getting the qualification themselves.

iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1 were released on Tuesday NZDT which leaves me wondering what the delay is regarding 10.12.2 and whether it is a decision to avoid overwhelming the servers or whether Apple has up its sleeve another beta release. I really do hope thought that they get it all wrapped up before Christmas as an updated Safari for the enhancements – both feature, bug fixes and performance, will arrive on the desktop as an early Christmas present.

Oh well, off to sleep and back up tomorrow for another day of fun and excitement lol.

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