Windows 10 improvements

With WinHEC ( link ) and a new build from the ‘The Creator’s Update’  put out into the fast ring testers ( link ) which makes for interesting regarding the future especially now that they’ve not only announced the full on Windows 10 for ARM there is also a leaked rumour about the ability to recompile win32/win64 applications to for ARM CPU’s with the x86 translator being a backup in the same way macOS had Rosetta ( link ).

The movement to provide a full experience with ARM beyond what was seen with Windows RT really shows the potential that if the likes of Dell, HP, Lenovo or one of the other big OEM’s decides to create ARM based computers that there is a full blown desktop operating system that can fit into that. What I think is interesting is the rumour that Visual Studio for ARM is also arriving so it’ll be possible to run a full on Windows 10 ARM with native Visual Studio and Microsoft Office on its way then throw on top of that a large array of open source software such as Chrome, Firefox, and more which will fill in a lot of the gaps. The big thing that’ll make or break is whether the go through with full win64/win32 native ARM support for third party developers – whether it is a repeat of the Windows RT fiasco or whether we see OEM’s that are squeezed for margins looking to loading Windows 10 onto an arm device which has a lower chip price and better battery life.

One thing I noticed in the fast ring release was the improvements that they’re doing to DPI scaling – it is still a giant clusterfuck when compared to macOS but they are doing something so I guess if you are one of those who are wedded to Windows 10, for better or worse, then at least you’ll get the sense that they are focusing on the much neglected ‘fit ’n finish’ of Windows 10. I guess part of fixing up DPI scaling also means having to wade through 30 years of crappy code then having to clean it up then make sure that all hell doesn’t break loose afterwards for those applications that might depend on a certain behaviour. Oh well, they said there is still more to come so it’ll be interesting to see what happens in future builds.

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