Close shave, maybe a little too close

So I’ve picked up my Merkur Solingen safety razor along with a badger brush and soap (although I think I should invest in some after shave balm to sooth the skin) – a very smooth shave but an old school safety razor is something that one has to get used to due to it not being as forgiving as the modern razor with the flexible head. I’ve been reading through forums and from what it appears one just has to practice, practice and practice then eventually I’ll be as good as I am with my cartridge razor (which I am keeping around as a backup). I’ll start using the Wilkinson Sword blades where I started off using a Feather branded blade which most reviewers strongly suggest isn’t for the first timer – and I know why after a couple of nicks.

Finally got the situation with the missing Dickies pants sorted out which is great so that’ll mean sometime either tomorrow or on Monday it’ll turn it. If there is an attempt tomorrow then I can always pick it up on Saturday on my way to work so I’ll have an extra pair of pants.

On the weekend I’ll probably go around pulling out weeds, finish organising the house, might have a look around at the stores, grab a cup of coffee and a muffin. I’ll get in contact with mum and come over for dinner so hopefully it’ll be all good on the weekend.

2 thoughts on “Close shave, maybe a little too close

  1. Nice choice – I have a Merkur 38C with the red anodized handle, it is quite solid and gives a good shave. I found the same thing that you found, I had to practice a great deal with “lesser” blades before I could use the Feather blades.

    I really should pick up some more blades – I have been going with a beard for some time, though once in a while I do have to clean up, and my electric razor is garbage compared with a good wet shave.

    1. I remember getting a electric razor but the thing is that I wake up each morning to wash my face (I have a shower before I go to bed) so I might as well roll up the shave and face wash into one since I’d end up having to electric razor first and then wash my face after. Oh well, I’m sure the shave on Monday will be a whole lot smoother sailing lol.

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