Enjoying the weekend and ordered some stuff online

I finally decided to get myself a decent safety razor, blades, a shaving brush and shaving cream after half-assing it for so long.  Hopefully it’ll arrive maybe by Wednesday on an overnight courier with the end result being a better shave that I more regularly do now that the equipment I used to shave with is a lot nicer to use. I’m going to do a follow up to also find out where my Dickies pants have gone to because so far they haven’t appeared – maybe a a telephone call and mentioning about talking to my bank might get the ball rolling a lot faster. Last night I had tacos but I haven’t made up my mind for tonight – might grab some chicken breasts, crumb them and then bake them for chicken strips or chicken burgers with a nice green salad in the bun along with avocado and lots of other yumminess. On a side note, I’m looking at maybe doing some YouTube videos but I’m going to sleep on it for a few nights before going ahead as I’ve had regrets in the past so I’m going to think it through before I make a decision.

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