Another crappy day at work

Sigh, another crappy day at work. I’m gong to finally get myself motivated on my extra two days off to look through TradeMe and other websites for a better job and hopefully by the new year there will be a new job lined up. I understand that leaving my job for a new one might result in a small pay cut but it is a small price to pay if it means being able to be in a work place where I’m not constantly at battle with both sides – the employer and the customer with me squeezed in the middle thus feeling the whole situation is untenable.

On a good side I’m going to start writing my collection of essays again. I’ve always wanted to write a collection of essays touching on a number of subjects then striking them together in some sort of over arching theme but I guess I’ve never had the motivation to actually it done. Oh well, maybe on my extra days off I can get that sorted to – something to keep myself occupied after and before work rather than just watching movies and television shows.

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