Why the Democrats will keep losing as long as they refuse to listen

When you, as a member white upper class bourgeoisie pontificate with condescending scorn towards the working class then don’t be surprised when the ‘basket of deplorables’ send a ‘fuck you’ coutesy of the vote they made for Trump in the election. If you keep telling that schmo on $42,000 per year that he is some how ‘privileged’ and that his mere existence as being a man as the cause of everything wrong in the world then don’t be surprised when that individual decides to give a giant ‘fuck you’ to the Democratic identity politics riddled party even if it means voting against their own self interest. Congratulations white upper class bourgeoisie, you lost the election but you made damn sure that your peers knew that you threw a fit of hysterical self righteous indignation by really putting those working class deplorables in their place. The likes of Thomas Frank have pointed out the fallacy regarding the Democratic Party strategy ( link ) but it appears that the leadership just simply won’t learn and those outside of the United States wonder why so few turn out to vote on election day.

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