Almost end of the week

Well, it is almost the end of the week so hopefully things will look better next week but on a good side I did pass the latest QA with one more to go before the end of this month. As for tomorrow, I won’t be doing a late/overtime shift but I will be picking up some extra hours next week – with goal being debt free by the middle of next year or getting very close to debt free which will be great.

Regarding the two presentations that occurred over the last couple of days – Microsoft with their Surface Studio and Apple with their MacBook Pro refresh, I’ll talk about the pro’s an con’s of each one. Oh, and in typical Microsoft fashion the Surface Studio isn’t available in New Zealand yet Apple was some how able to make their refreshed MacBook Pro on the same day as they did their refresh for the United States. Is Microsoft even interested in actually selling stuff or making it next to impossible for customers to purchase their products under some mystique of it being ‘illusive’ aka the OnePlus smartphone that generated hype for their very average product via limited availability.

One thought on “Almost end of the week

  1. We’re in the same boat here in Canada, you can get anything from Apple on Day One, this time from Microsoft you can get the “new” Surface Book but not the Surface Studio (though, I’m not really in the market for one anyway).

    Google stuff is often that way here too, either we get it later or not at all in the case of some things (e.g. Android Pay isn’t here yet, there is a LOT of protectionism in Canada when it comes to banking, media, telecommunications… banks and large corporations have a lot of pull with the government, or maybe they pay them off…!)

    Our weak dollar doesn’t help with things either, along with hefty import duties, some of this stuff is astronomically priced (I know it is like that for you in New Zealand too, I’ve looked at the prices of a lot of stuff where you are).

    With that in mind, I took the Pixel XL off my list (same price as an iPhone 7 Plus but not a nice in my opinion) and went with a Nexus 6P to replace my failing Moto X.

    The price was good and it seems to be working well for me.

    Now I just need a new computer of some sort.

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