Updates Galore! iOS 10.1, tvOS 10.0.1 and macOS 10.12.1

Well, I woke up this morning and turned over to check my emails – tadah! Apple released an update for macOS, iOS and tvOS – to be completely honest I wasn’t expecting these updates to come out for at least another 2-3 weeks but alas there they were. I did a clean install of iOS 10.1 (put it into DFU mode) and the modem firmware has been updated from 2.30.00 to 2.36.00 with everything going very smooth so far – I guess when you have a large number of enterprise customers dependent on your products that you take extra care to make sure things don’t go tits up. I reinstalled all the other software and it appears there were a few updates from the various applications vendors but apart from that everything is very reliable as usual. I like boring an uneventful as it means that I can get on with life and not having to worry.

When it comes to tvOS – I haven’t noticed any major changes other than some smoother animations etc. but apart from that everything is working as it should which is great – long day at work and the ability to sit down and veg out without having to worry about making sure everything is working as it should.

macOS I upgraded but what I did was clear out all the old crap on my user profile etc which gave things a refresh. I didn’t notice any changes other than more refinements, Safari is improving in stability and memory usage, the usual drivers update, I also decided to upgrade the firmware on the UniFi access point which is a great experience of learning how to do things without having to use the Java based controller. The WiFi connection is robust, great throughput – slight improvement in latency, better throughput, slightly better coverage etc.

Although I love see upgrades I am more excited about 10.13 next year – oh, and I’ve scheduled my time off at the same time WWDC starts meaning I get a whole week of WWDC goodness. What I am really excited about is the launch of APFS being bootable and a conversion tool where by exiting HFS+ partitions are converted over to APFS without dataloss. Over all I’m excited about how things are going and it’ll be interesting to see what happens in the world of Office on 2 November – hopefully we’ll hear some good news about Office on the Mac.

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