Enjoying a long weekend

Oh god it feels so good having a long weekend – chilling out at home watching my favourite television shows and having a nice meal. Tomorrow my main focus is giving the house a good top down clean along with getting ready to go back to work but in the mean time I’m enjoying my time off.

It appears that in New Zealand the Spark and Vodafone have an aversion to the idea of using 700MHz LTE outside of rural settings. God knows if they got their shit together I’d be more than happy to use something like the Skinny fixed wireless broadband but at the moment the coverage where I live in Lower Hutt is so utterly shit that such a plan is unworkable. Spark could easily deploy VoLTE, switch as many customers to using LTE for 700/1800/2100/2300 and have 850MHz as back up then at such point in the future they could shut down 850MHz on 3G and move it over to 850MHz 4G.

Oh well, off to bed for a good night sleep.

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