The politics of Trump vs. Clinton

As an outsider it is rather depressing when I see the election that is taking place especially when the media itself tries to play the game where it claims to be ‘fair and balanced’ when in reality it is an attempt to make false equivalency that some how the ranting ramblings of Trump are some how on the same level Clinton. Then again, this is a byproduct of the subjectivist bullshit that has existed for years thanks to a few academics refusing to take a stand one way or another so instead they do this wishy-washy attempt to appeal for a compromised middle ground where in reality the alternative argument is actually a denial of reality rather than a differing of opinion.

Take climate change, there is scientific proof that is climate change, there is a shit-tonne of evidence to show that it has happened and continuing to happen now and yet the media insists that some how there is a legitimate alternative view point out there. Sorry, there is no alternative legitimate view point other than a small ground of nitwits denying reality in much the same way that anti-vaccine nutcases grasp at straws claiming that their opinion is just as valid as the evidence collected by millions of scientists and doctors around the world.

Can there be a difference of opinion on how best to address a problem but when there is a basic denial of reality then it is impossible to move forward. Take climate change, there was at some point a few Republicans willing to admit that it is actually happening so then it was possible to move forward with debating what should be done – market based solution such as a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme? direct action? At least there is an agreement on the facts and thus the debate moves beyond that into the debate over how is the best way to address it. The problem is in the US political system that there is no agreement on the basic facts thus making any debate regarding policy next to impossible.

The reality is that the election in the US isn’t an event where there are two competing equals are vying for a job but one candidate who is over qualified but horrible at campaigning and then you have Donald Trump who taps into the seedy underbelly of American society. It is important to note that this seedy underbelly has always existed but it has existed behind a dog whistle politics where in the past they had to adopt the Lee Atwater abstraction from what the real message is:

The only difference is that Trump just said, “fuck it, I’m replacing the dog whistle with an actual whistle and throwing out the abstraction for the plain language that people want to hear” thus you have George Wallace reborn without any the pretence of respectability that came with the Lee Atwater southern strategy. The media however are hell bent on trying to make out as if it were two candidates of equal stature in the name of the bullshit false equivalency that has strangled the discourse within the United States – and I’d argue around the world too.  There has been next to nothing done when it comes to fact checking what Trump says, they’ve given hundreds of hours of free air time to Trump where they focused on an empty podium waiting for Trump to appear even though Sanders was giving an actual speech of actual subsistence then you’ve got the unwillingness to call Trump out for his bullshit when he is interviewed because the spineless host is ‘worried’ that Trump might not come back on their show.

Personally I don’t agree with everything Clinton wishes to do; she is too much of a hawk when it comes to foreign policy, she isn’t left wing enough when it comes to healthcare, her tax policy fails to address the fact that America has the most complicated tax system on earth and the failure to properly regulate wall street. Even with those issues I’ve outlined the alternative is a whole lot worse – I’d sooner vote for someone who I agree with 80% than doing the stupid decision that half the American population have done and that is to vote for Trump simply to ‘stick it to the man’. Is Clinton a perfect candidate? no but no one ever is a perfect candidate, it is about choosing the one that is less likely to screw things up. Oh well, off to bed – maybe I’ll write a small rant about the flaws of democracy tomorrow.

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