Going to bed early and having a good night sleep

I’ve just had dinner and it was rather yummy along with a sticky date pudding which was a whole lot nicer than the Sara Lee one although I think what I needed to do was heat up the sponge and sauce in one go rather than heating them up seperate. For dinner I had a mini macaroni cheese and a mini-fish pie – lovely comfort food after a long day at work and hopefully with a nice long sleep tonight I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow.

I’ve had people ask me what I think of the Google Pixel and to here is my impression: Its disappointing and misses the mark. Maybe I’m just too conservative for my own good but I would have preferred it had they refreshed the Nexus 6P with the newer internals, maybe upgrade the screen and leave it at that. There was nothing wrong with the Nexus 6P but what held it back from widespread adoption was the lack of Google’s willingness to actually build relationships with carriers outside of the United States to make it a Google branded phone that competed head to head with the iPhone not to mention the lack of CalDAV/CardDAV support to make moving from iPhone and iCloud a lot easier.

What makes the situation worse, as others have pointed out, what are you gaining from the premium that they’ve charged? it has less water resistance than the iPhone but has the same price tag, it doesn’t have wireless recharging of the Galaxy S7 and once again it charges a similar amount, the availability is even worse where Google couldn’t even bother making it available outside of the United States, then there is the lack of any sort of ability for Google to nail down what they actually want to deliver for end users (see their lack of ability to follow through with ideas) not to mention the lack of integration with macOS resulting in a half ass half baked experience for someone like me who feels spoilt.

As much as Google may try to take on Apple the problem is that they lack the drive to make the sort of ‘just works’ software that Apple provides. When it comes to Google delivering something comparable to what I experience in the Mac world, they could do it, they certainly have the man power to do it but it appears that the sort of ‘excellence for the sake of excellence’ isn’t something in the DNA of Google.

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