Another day, another pay

Had a great night sleep then off to work although I have been told I failed one of the procedures which means I’ll need to have a meeting with HR – my boss reminded me not to freak out and think that i’m going to get fired or anything. I’m going to take a deep breath, have a good night sleep and focus on the next day because what has been done is done so all one can do is focus on the future and keep moving forward.

Picked up some Mexican on the way home which is a slack meal for me but I’ve already organised dinner for tomorrow because I’d like to avoid buying prepared food so I can save a bit of money – the food is healthy but it is more expensive than if I came home and had something for dinner. I want to speed up getting my self debt free and the easiest way is to cut out obvious waste that can be cut back.

On a good side my electrify bill has finally started coming down now that I am not using my heater. I check out the electricity metre online where you can track how much each day is costing and so far it has dropped from an average of $8-10 per day down to around $3-5 per day (with a bias towards the low end). Oh well, at least I got that all sorted out.

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