Back to normal

Well, the week is back to usual after having a decent night sleep although as soon as the last weekend finishes I long for another one so I guess that is the nature of the beast especially now that work is go-go-go with no time to sit down and let someone else serve the customers. Although I couldn’t be bothered dealing with the bullshit of being a manager there was always the benefit that if I needed to step out for a breath of fresh air and a nice cup of coffee it was possible which is one aspect I miss but when I look at my pay check I realise the change was well worth it.

I’m on track to be debt free by next year and as long as I focus on the long term goal and remained focused I can reach that ultimate goal. Although I have to admit I have been tempted during this week I have stood back and looked at the larger picture and that will be ultimately what will keep be on the right track – that focus on the larger picture.

Oh, and the story regarding Samsung – hubris is something that Samsung suffers from be it exploding washing machines or phones it appears the complete denial reality combined with the ether of bullshit floating through Samsung HQ I find it funny how Samsung fanboys are once again absent where as it was only a month ago where these same people were marching around telling the world how Apple is ‘boring’ or they’re ‘stupid’ for removing the 3.5mm jack.

I might make a more comprehensive rant tomorrow but alas time for me to get some sleep so I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed for work tomorrow.

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