What a crazy week

Oh god what a crazy week and the one thing I’m not going to do is any more over time or if I do more over time I’m, at max, going to do maybe a shift or two. When I first started this job I assumed that’ll be easy because I’m not physically going to get exhausted by rather I’ll be sitting at the desk answering phones and that is cool beans but the problem is that I’ve found that being mentally exhausted is just as taxing on ones body as one being physically exhausted. At the end of a long 10 hour shift of constantly dealing with the sorts of ‘special’ individuals I have to deal with a constant array of them blaming me and the organisation for something stupid that they did themselves. In the end after such a long day I was beginning to hate almost every customer who came through because it was becoming mind mumblingly bad hearing the same stupid shit over and over again.

On a good side though I’m back to the normal 12:15 start which will make life a lot easier which will mean I can get back at a reasonable time which will hopefully mean I’ll have enough time each night to go for a small walk. Although I have improved my diet considerably I also need to start getting some regular exercise which will help the stamina at work. Tomorrow I’ll start with a small walk for around 2-4km so then I can at least get some activity given that now I work all day sitting down thus I’ve gone from some activity (when I worked as a manager at a restaurant) to today where it has almost zero.

There was an interesting article over at ‘The Atlantic’ ( link ) which makes for interesting reading moving forward as society changes and what constitutes a family also changes once again. Interesting article none the less and gives plenty of food for thought.

Regarding the iOS 10.0.2 and macOS 10.12 reviews, it is around 3/4 finished so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll put those finishing touches on there.

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